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Police accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by northerner, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. A sad incident, but it begs the question if a driver (old or not) will still pull u-turns in front of emergency vehicles with lights and sirens going, what chance have motorbikes got?

    You've really, REALLY, got to assume everyone is trying to kill you...

  2. Re: Police accident yesterday

    grumble.... i hope the ol' lady is at peace now & my condolences to her family - my well wishes also goes to the cop as such an incident would mess you up mentally
  3. Please note this has been reinstated into general circulation, if it becomes a police bashing exercise and goes sour then it will be yanked permanently.
    Please discuss this in a mature fashion.

    (well as mature as netriders are) and no cupcakes were involved this time.
  4. Re: Police accident yesterday

    From what I could see last night it happened in the middle of the block, not an intersection. I also understand the poor lady was reversing out of a unit block driveway, not performing a u-turn.

    I'm no big fan of the police, but I'd be wary of judging them here at the moment. Regardless of who was at fault a family has lost their nanna, and a young bloke has to live with himself...

    (And on a related note - did anyone else notice the ad in the middle of the article? It's for a bank, but one of the images is a card under a windscreen wiper stating "Save for the Unexpected". Hardly appropriate...)
  5. lol way to drag my post back in after i just culled it off
  6. Does beg the question should they be going that fast in a built up area? If they were unable to react in time, and judging by the damage they were still going fast when they collided, then it seems they were exceeding their capabilities on the road.
  7. A tragedy but what's this got to do with motorcycle riding???????
  8. Re: Police accident yesterday

    So why the U-turn spin ?

    Shitty journalism and not getting the facts right?
    or deliberate mis-information ?
  9. I have noticed a definite trend in the past 5-10 years of people not respecting emergency vehicles.

    Just this morning I stopped to let a fire truck (lights and sirens) cross my path and the car behind me almost ran into me.
  10. I dont think its disrespect - modern cars are very quiet in operation, insulated have loud stereo systems etc and drivers are cocooned in them - I believe they just become blissfully unaware of the external environment.
  11. there was no need for you to take the post off in the first place it was emotional but not badly written, just the grammar was shocking :)
  12. They were chasing a motorcycle at the time if I recall correctly.
  13. I remember seeing something on 'The New Inventors' maybe 5 years ago that transmitted a radio signal to cars in front that would overtake any other signal. It had a message saying something along the lines of there is an ambulance approaching, please give way and even had the option to speak directly through the transmission.

    I thought it was ingenious but have not seen or heard of it since. The only trouble is it can only talk to cars with the radio on. Even still, this seems like it would be a massive advantage for avoiding collisions and getting to emergencies quicker.
  14. Given the number of people on the phone while driving, it would probably work better these days if the signal was broadcast to a mobile :LOL: !!

    But, leaving aside the lady's age, the modern car IS a cocoon of silence, and unless you're looking out for an incoming emergency vehicle, you are likely not to hear it till it's right on top of you.

    (This accident may also have some bearing of the concept of one vehicle travelling much quicker than the surrounding vehicles, and 'appearing' in a spot which just a second before was vacant....)
  15. I posted this just to highlight the fact that, what is effectively a SMIDSY, can happen even when you've got blues and twos on.

    Keep your eyes pealed is what I'm sayin'!
  16. Re: Police accident yesterday

    I was just going on the footage last night and the early reports I saw/read while the story was still breaking. It's possible she was pulling a u-ey and they were wrong at first...
    Rather than shitty journalism or deliberate deceit though, I'd tend to blame the rush to get the story to the afternoon TV news and into the online broadsheets...
  17. Actually not a bad idea, but more to the point there are so many cars these days with bluetooth connectivity, I wonder if you could set it to cut into that as well.
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    I personally do not even know if it is just modern cars cocoon of silence, I have an old POS commo VL with no radio and I could barely hear emergency vehicles not saying all cases but most I have seen are driver impatience I have seen many of occasions here in Adelaide. Many times have I stopped at a green light because of an emergency vehicle approaching left or right and in the two lanes next to me at least 2-3 cars will try and speed through.

    As I said not all occasions just the ones I've seen

    My 2ยข
  19. From what I've heard on the story it doesn't sounds like the cops who exceeded their capabilities by being on the road.

    Those lights and sirens are there for a reason.
  20. If she was reversing she needs to give way, siren or not.