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Polaroid announces XS line of high-def actioncams

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by locusm, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. From www.gizmag.com

  2. I see we visit the same websites ;)

    I'll be interested to see what the video quality is like on the base XS7 model. Can't really justify the expense of a GoPro, but would be nice to have something from a recognisable brand rather than take a risk with an unknown Chinese camera off ebay.
  3. GoPro will need to look at their pricing structure with all the name brands bringing out sports cams now.
  4. Not really, GoPro's are only $250 in the US for the Motorsport Pack, it's just the pricing in Australia that is a joke.
  5. That's still $180 more than the base Polaroid though.

    Obviously there's a difference in quality - but if you're only uploading clips to youtube or similar sites then do you really need the full 1080p HD anyway?
  6. Do you need it? Probably not, is it heaps better? Yup.

    You could get one of those $10 keyring camera's if you just wanted to upload to youtube, they are tiny and produce a decent video, albeit not waterproof.
  7. Yep, already have one of those. Would prefer something a little better though and it's nice to see someone filling the gap between the $10 cheap cameras and the $300 GoPro.
  8. I agree its good to see more products, but they won't be in the same category or pricepoint as the GoPro, so there is no need for GoPro's pricing structure to be modified.

    If Sony's new Action cam and Contour cams etc were priced @ $200 etc, then I agree, GoPro would have to have a rethink.
  9. It apparently has ***8220;auto rotation G-Sensor so the camera will always capture the best shot, no matter its position.***8221; I wonder if that means it will do those awesome level shots like in motogp
  10. The more important question would be that if it does, can you turn it off.