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Polarised sunglasses while riding?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kernel, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. I ride a rather tall motorcycle and I find that headlights from on coming cars very often blinds me despite the fact that they only have their low beams on. Plus, when riding off road, I find that I either have to keep the visor down and get too hot, or leave it open and get dirt in my eyes.
    So I'm thinking of buying a pair of polarised Fuglies. Fuglies are heavy duty safety sunglasses that you can buy from here: http://myworld.ebay.com.au/uvwraps/?_trksid=p4340.l2559
    This is the pair that I want: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fuglies-...=AU_Fishing_Clothing&var=&hash=item7914a078ec I'm assuming that the Strength option is the amount of tint that they have.

    Are there any safety concerns when riding with polarised sunglasses or should it be fine? Obviously I'm only going to get a pair with a light tint because I ride at night. Hmm, polychromatic bifocal polarised heavy duty safety sunglasses - now that would be something.

  2. If you've got LCDs on your bike then you may not be able to seem them properly but that is about it.

    You may get some funky rainbow colours if you use a visor as well, but probably nothing major.
  3. If you look through your visor with the polarised sunglasses on, you get some interesting chromatic effects. Colour splotches appear in your field of vision. Personally, it doesn't affect me but I have heard others find this distracting.
  4. Rusti has fuglies, why not ask him?
  5. I have fuglies too, they are great.
    You get used to the odd effects, and the positives HUGELY outweigh the negatives.
  6. Id also recommend getting one of those plastic strips to insert at the top of your helmet.

    It helps to eliminate sun glare in the day, but also helps to eliminate street light glare at night.
  7. Polarised shades can be useful Kernel, but as others have stated, you may find them distracting at times and most definitely WILL make reading any instrumentation impossible at any time if you have LCD instrument display etc.

    Going by the nature of tilting/adjusting your head when in a lean/hanging off the bike (not that one would necessarily be looking at a speedo then ;)) this, as an example of changing your eye level from the status quo (normal, tilt-less horizontal position) would cause a distraction at a time when one least needs it.

    Each to their own, and you may find that with time you actually adjust and enjoy their use.

    An ex once bought me a pair of very nice (polarised) Serengeti sunglasses. Little did I know at the time the nature of the lenses, though I found out the 'hard way' one day when trying to change radio frequencies at 'work' (blank screens every time my head tilted downwards to make the changes/selections) and a light spectrum display on certain parts of the surrounding windscreens...

    Not only are they unsuitable during these applications (I'd include riding in this category as well, but that's me, with my experiences) but I stored them away for near-static outdoor adventures from thereon.

    My 2 cents.
  8. I own a pair of the SAS Fuglies, polarised. I ride with clear & tinted visor and don't find 'visual oddities' distracting. By that I mean little rainbow effects every now & then but I wouldn't wear anything other than polarised sunnies whilst riding, driving etc!
  9. ... is that what that is? I though it flashbacks...
  10. The right tint (cutting out a lot of the blue end of the spectrum) helps a lot to give clearer vision than with the shades off. That glare and UV protection are all I worry about. I've found the polarised versions no better on the road to any degree that makes up for the idosyncracies.
  11. No. I used to use polarised glasses all the time. But DO NOT buy those fuglies. They will block heaps of your peripheral vision, which is dangerous.

    While you can ride at night with polarised sunglasses that only have a light tint, I advise against it. I have done it, and on dark nights even a light tint can cut out too much detail. On wet nights polarised glasses can be good to cut headlight glare refected from the road, but it is a risky approach if the night is also dark.

    I used to use light grey tinted polarised glasses that cut out little light, but lots of glare. Yellow, Rose, and other colours can be good and improve vision by improving contrast. Which colour is best for you depends on your eyesight. There is a lot of information about coloured glasses on the internet.

    I now use tinted and clear Shoei pinlock visors, which are brilliant.

    Just make sure any glasses you use don't effect peripheral vision. i.e. Get wrap around sun glasses.

    Plus frameless, lightweight, shatter proof, with straight arms that fit well into helmets.

    PS: I assume that you need glasses to see, and usually use bifocals? I know people who have tried to use bifocals and their eventual conclusion was to get glasses just for riding, that were not bifocal. They found the bifocals mucked up their vision too much while riding.
  12. Not to mention the fact that the world is a rather jolly orange colour when you take them off :D:.

    Seriously though, I used to wear polarised sunnies a lot before I started riding. These days I don't but that's more because the el-cheapo tinted safety specs that I favour aren't that sophisticated than because of any inherent problems. The only thing I used to notice was that I could see the "clearzone" in toughened windscreens.

    Since the DR wouldn't know an LCD if one slapped it in the headlamp with a wet fish and since you're unlikely to get any major visual side effects with a plain, clear visor (which is all you need if you've got sunnies on), I'd say go for it.

    Edit: Just saw Roderick's post and would concur with his comment on peripheral vision. Not specifically with the Fuglies but for anything worn while driving or riding. The big plastic sunnies with the wide arms currently fashionable scare the crap out of me because anyone with them on is effectively wearing blinkers.

    Interestingly, I just got a pair of bifocals, old fart that I am, and have found them to be fine for riding. Computer work is a different matter though.......

    Currently getting used to contact lenses and finding it hugely convenient to wear whatever I want as sunnies or safety specs. I've only needed corrective lenses for driving/riding for the last couple of years but had completely forgotten (or have gained a new appreciation) how nice it is not to have to piss around with specs.
  13. No LCD panels on the DR650 but I'd better forget about getting a trail tech or similar unit if I want to ride using polarised lenses.

    Hmm, good points.
    No I don't actually need glasses to see, and don't wear them while riding. I just want something to preserve my eyesight and something that will improve my safety by stopping glare from blinding me, in the one pair of glasses.
  14. Give them a go, not exactly huge amounts of money, and if they don't work on the bike use 'em elsewhere.

    The LCD thing is pretty minor, and it is not as simple as wear polarised sunnies and you can't see it, there are other factors at play (axis of polarisation and a few others).

    As for seeing artifacts in your visor, again it is going to be hit and miss, hence why people experiences vary. I've tried my polarized sunnies in three helmets that use the same visor, vastly different result each time.

    If you want to see some truly trippy rainbows Google something along the lines of "stress induce birefringence".
  15. I used to know a bloke who rode everywhere in laserspex :shock:. Dog knows how. I couldn't even wear them while tripping...........
  16. some don't work with some visors. the coating on my shark visor seems to scatter the light so my spotters polaroids have little effect.
  17. I find that my helmet blocks my peripheral vision more than my sunnies do, which is why I'm regularly checking mirrors, blind spots etc and generally being aware of my environment as much as possible. I don't wear sunnies at night though (why would you???).

    But during bright sunny days, polarised lenses cut so much of the glare from road surface, cars, windows etc, that I find that I don't even squint. I'd have to vertually look directly at the sun to do that. My eyes don't get tired & I'm generally a hellava lot more comfortable seeing than with regular or UV only lenses.

    Maui Jim's also have good lens's.
  18. My helmet has internal sunglasses...would highly recommend those that do. The two manufacturers that I am aware of that do make these helmets are HJC and Shark. :)

  19. I wear polarized sunnies whilst not riding and find them good...although I drive a 70's car and the windscreen appears to have dark splotches all over it when wearing my sunnies. I have at times had to wear my polarized sunnies under my helmet and I hate it.
    With my visor down I notice the rainbow effect not only on other cars windows, windscreens etc, but also on shiny parts of the tar on the road. It's hugely distracting and to tell the truth I get mad eye strain too.
    I want to get the lenses replaced with non polarized lenses if I can.
    So to add my 2c worth I'd steer well and truly clear of them whilst riding a bike looking thru a visor.