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Pol Air - anyone had any experience?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. yes, even "how to spot"... :LOL:

    I was heading up the freeway north after getting off the harbour bridge past north sydney and I swear this black/dark blue chopper was about 150 m up and to my rear left following me.......I was passing near Channel 9 Atarmon at this stage within the speed limit but their chopper is white with #9 symbol all over it....

    was this POL Air? ( it wasn't blue thunder and no, i hadn't had anything to smoke or inhale )...

    NSW or Vic people experienced or seen Pol Air?
  2. i know its got some awesome gear in it! Haven't seen it up close for a while, the favourite line around the airport is 'pigs CAN fly!'

    in the nicest way...err.. possible...
  3. what is POL air?
  4. no as polair has a huge police sign on it, it was a chan 9 chopper

    this is polair
  5. i go to in channel 9 most days of the week and drive within 15 feet of the channel 9 chopper so i know what that looks like. their chopper is white, this was blue....

    Pol Air = Police Air
  6. Pol Air was hanging around my area for around 2 or so hours today in the afternoon...

    (Liverpool/Prestons Areas)
  7. Who calls it "Pol Air"?
  8. Not really, we see it around Carrum Downs a lot. This is a bit of info on the Vic one.

  9. easier to say....?!?
  10. Pol Air is their official radio callsign i.e. Pol Air 1 etc
  11. came down out of the dandenongs and was travelling along ferntree gully road when the vic police chopper landed next to ferntree gully road. He was there to transport the poor unfortunate motorcyclist who was UNDER a semi-trailer.

    I figured he was bad, but at least it wasnt a slow ride back in the back of the ambulance.

    Hope the guy was ok

  12. Just a note, if you ever have polair following you, I suggest not attempting to outrun it.
    Ive seen footage of their view from up above, it was almost pathetic watching some cars trying to escape from its view as it directed cops below.
  13. Maybe it is the one channel 9 charter when theirs is in for maintenance.
  14. good point....didn't go in today.

    i have also seen some clips on youtube.....its amazing what they can film from those things...infrared also.....this guy got chased for a long time, got off his bike, they still had him in thermal view and watched him walk into a house......
  15. look at the photo i posted above, what does it say under the rotors?
  16. "Cop Chop" = not gay. Pol Air = Gay
  17. I thought you were talking about the national Polish airline, otherwise known as Plummet Airways. :facepalm: :bolt:
  18. That's why you pull into a multi storey carpark, park the car and go shopping.
  19. Yes, it's not hard to think of a way out.

    Better yet, if you wanted to take the piss head to valet parking and pay some bloke to continue driving around in the car :LOL:
  20. Top speed is around the 250kph mark, but in a dead straight line, which is not what most roads are. You'd have to be able to sustain at least 300kph for 10 minutes to get far enough ahead that they'd lose sight of you from their height of position, or basically 50kms of straight roadway.