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poker nights

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. was just wondering if anyone else from here goes to APL or NPL poker nights?? If so where?

    I (usually) go to:
    Northcote RSL (Tue)
    Olympic Hotel (Wed)
    Crystal T's / Smokin Joes (Thurs)

  2. i was going to the york on lilydale but found the quality of poker to be a joke so i dont bother with pub poker anymore..
  3. must be bad up there man..... see you gotta come play in joe hachems home ground lol...

    nah we're all regular poker players and out of 10 the highest we've come is 2nd, 4th, (me yay!!) and 8th

    it can be very very hard some nights out our way.

    maybe me n you will have to start a netrider poker night and we play for pink slips :grin:
  4. i really enjoy my poker, i enjoy a skilled 'battle of the minds' but it doesnt happen in these pub nights, people dont reconisea bluff they make calls they shouldnt. its just a bunch of people playing lottery as far as im concerned.

    im in for the NR poker night, depends what bike you have re: pinks slips.
  5. I haven't been to one of these pub poker nights but I hear they can be quite good. We tend to just organise private games over a few drinks. Or venture down to crown on the odd occassion. But people seem quite serious about their poker down there.

    If you guys are interested in displaying your talent a couple of my mates signed up to play on Aces High (new Channel 31 program), just for a bit of a laarf. The first episode was on last week.

    You can apply here:
  6. nice one thankyou sir, i'm suire a few of the boys will be interested.
  7. haha it's particularly good when you can tell them they look like an ar$e on tele. Not that many people would be watching the show, it has rather poor production values. :LOL:

    i'd be down for a NR poker night if one happened.