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Poitician uses the term 'bikie' as an insult...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Geoff3DMN, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Wayne Swan used the term 'bikie' as part of an insult against John Howard, and despite my dislike of Howard (or to be more exact his social policies) I find myself pissed off by this.

    If Swan had used terms describing certain other minority groups as insults then the PC lobby would have been down on him like a tonne of bricks, but because the insult was 'bikie' they won't.

    Should we (the effected) really let this slide without action?

    At the very least motorcyclists should complain to the office of Wayne Swan :evil:

  2. Personally I would have been more offended if he had accused a 'bikie' of acting like John Howard............
  3. He could have at least come up with something a little more imaginative. Paul Keating's offering yesterday, describing JH as a "dessicated coconut" was an absolute classic!
    I think most people would know Swan was referring to "outlaw" gangs rather than the general riding public, but yeah, I suppose some mud could stick.
  4. Thing is, "bikies" don't refer to ethnic groups, which is where the issue really is. It's OK to hang it on bikies, graffiti vandals, hoons or computer gamers, as this is a reflection of an activity or pastime, not a reference to their ethnicity or religion. [1]

    Of course, "bikies" have a right to be offended, but given their particular lifestyle, they'd look pretty silly if they did object. If Swan refered to "motorcyclists" in such a manner, then I s'pose that yeah, we'd have cause to jump up and down, even if no-one really listened.

    [1]. I personally think that all religions are fair game for vilification, particularly catholics (I'm a recovering catholic) and the Exclusive Bretheren.
  5. In the eyes of 'Joe Public' I seriously doubt there is any perceived difference between 'bikie' and 'motorcyclist'.....
  6. It may be legal... that doesn't make it ethical or 'OK' in my opinion.

    In times past it was legal to use racial and religious slurs... I don't think that was 'OK' either.

    Legal != Ethical
  7. Yup... I'm sure that the pollie meant 'patch wearing gang bikies', but I'm equally sure you are right about the poor state of the general publics appreciation of the difference.
  8. it was a 'dessicated ....... coconut'. left me laughing all evening. flash backs to the keating days. :LOL:
  9. Pffft, is that the best insult he can come up with?? no wonder he could only get a job as a scummy politician, he needs to hang around on netrider so he can steal some of the clasic insults i've seen on this forum.
  10. Inc I don't buy that at all. All the people that know me know the differnce between a bikie and me!
  11. That is because they know you, if they did not have first hand experience of the difference, they would not see one.
  12. I think racial and religous slurs are prefectly acceptable. Having greek parents I got called names at school, and would simply respond with my own. I'd take an insult directed at me personally. As for religion, if you really have faith in your religeon, your faith should protect you, isn't that the point?

    I find political correctness to be a fundamental part of us a whole trying to blame others for our actions, and refusing to take responsibility. Open-mindedness is what will help our race progress, censoring people stops progress. Having to contantly watch what your saying can lead to mis-communication. And I think future generation will become dumber from it.

    Isn't our culture based on us being easy going, being able to take the piss out of people and get the same done in return. All the tourist I meet say everyone so friendly over here. Wherever you are there will alway be people who act up. There has to be another way of dealing with those situtations instead of trying to censor the race as a whole.
  13. [quote="Supplied] There has to be another way of dealing with those situtations instead of trying to censor the race as a whole.[/quote]

    I'm not trying to censor 'the race as a whole', just 1 pollie (and they should IMO be held to a higher standard).
  14. Didn't think you were. I just ran with my thoughts, in the end I was wondering if it really applied, decided it'd be a waste of my time if i didn't :)
  15. Best ever parliamentary insult:

    Doug Anthony "I'm a country member"

    Anonymous Backbencher "We remember!" :rofl: