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Poison of choice?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Barters81, May 21, 2016.

  1. Thought I'd start a thread here for those of us who like a bit of a drink to post what they're currently drinking.

    I'm a bit embarrassed to say it, but I've been drinking those Somersby apple ciders recently. 10 in a box for about $23, and they pretty much taste exactly like those Appletiser drinks you see around in the servos. Good stuff.

    For the nicer things I've been hitting up the Kraken spiced rum and dry........oooooh yeah, maybe with a bit of lime.

    Anyway........what do you guys drink? If you do.,.....

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  2. Damn I'm bad. I read position of choice and got excited.
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  3. Hennessy Paradis 130 yo rare
  4. Single malt.
    So many varieties, they all get a look in.

    Smoky, bitter, sweet, honey, peaty, fruity.

    Ummm think I feel lke a drink
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  5. South African Brandy and coke


    Kraken spiced rum and coke

    For when I need to be sweet - Southern Comfort on crushed ice
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  6. Bit of a cider tragic myself, somersby is great, had a lychee cider last week at a chinese restaurant, was great.
    When it comes to whisky I like it like my women - at least 18 years old and straight, (and maybe with a little twist)
    You've got to luv whisky that's old enough to order its own whisky
    Also a wee dram or three of Dubliner is my poison of choice to share
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  7. #7 chilliman64, May 21, 2016
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    American whiskey and coke - turkey, JB, gentlemen Jack, makers mark etc - I mix them pretty strong
    don't mind a Southern Comfort on the rocks
    dry beers like Asahi, Extra Dry
    not much of a wine drinker
    having said that I don't really drink all that often but if you're going to have a few... well, you know... may as well do it properly

    edit: favourite mixed drink - white russian
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  8. Currently drinking Little Creatures Pale Ale.

    Also enjoy single malt with a splash of water from all regions.

    Currently halfway through an Islay which is a big, powerful, peaty, smoky biatch, which I love, but my next one waiting in the spirit cabinet is a speyside, which will be much softer and gentler.
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  9. James Squires Chancer golden ale is my beer of choice, but i will drink Super Dry or similar if the choice is limited.

    Canadia Club and dry is my spirit of choice.

    Wine...doesn't get a look in.
  10. What do they call the bedroom in a lesbian's house

    The Liquor Cabinet :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::cautious::cautious::cautious:
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  11. currently enjoying a couple of Jim beam and colas
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  12. Any beer really it's all about the company !
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  13. I've been drinking peroni like its going out of fashion lately. Bottle O round the corner had it for $35 a carton for a month, it was a dangerous month ;-) Smashed a few tonight while the chickens were rotisserie-ing.

    I like dark beers. Coopers extra stout is a winner, and sheaf stout is good for a cheaper one. There's a micro brewery around the corner called willie the boatman, they made a dark beer called black bunny and I've yet to taste a better one in Australia.

    I like scotch. I have a few nice ones on the go at the moment. An ardbeg, a glen moray (this is a good cheap staple, I like the speysides for that), a balvene that was finished in port casks, it's got this beautiful sweetness to it you can really taste the port, and a Macallum
    21 yo Distillers choice. This is probably my favourite at the moment but it's too expensive to drink all the time. I need to find a sick one that's affordable as well....

    The missus has been drinking Pinot Gris lately, I'm not a massive white drinker but she had one the other day called "south" and it was bloody excellent. For reds, I've been smashing through the 2011 Cote du Rhone at Dan murpheys for $21 a bottle... Bloody love that stuff.
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  14. Too many to mention...

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  15. Try Dubliner, its slightly sweet with a honeycomb taste but not as sweet as Wild Turkey honey - $40 at Dan Murphys
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  16. Also on the cider these days. Beer seems to give me bad heartburn for some reason.

    For a SERIOUS tipple though ... Black Russians. Absolut from the freezer, Khalua from the fridge, and a little ice from the deep freezer (I'd use whiskey stones if I had them). That's it! Cola is for the kids.
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  17. Aldi rivet beer
  18. I'm not much of a drinker, but when I do, beer would me my chosen poison, and dark varieties are the best. Thanks for the tip Steve, will try Coopers and see if I can hunt down the Black Bunny (though I don't fancy my chances). What do you think of Carlton Black?

    When the occasion calls and strictly for medicinal purposes only - Vodka (Russian Stolichnaya) is always chilling in the fridge.

    I keep a collection of reds and whites, but that's for guests, not much of a wine drinker, once in a blue moon a glass of red with a nice rare-medium rare stake :hungry::hungry:
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  19. A nice lager, a light red, a gin and tonic...

    ...and some GOR cheese :D
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  20. Hint!....try Southwark stout.

    It's brewed in Adelaide, but it is bloody hard to find, even if you are in SA and Adelaide.

    I order an occasional slab from Dan Murphy's, who charge 7$ for delivery to my door, which seems pretty fair to me.

    Only problem is it is strong..... one bottle is 2.2 standard drinks, so you don't have a few 'cos you are thirsty.;)
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