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Points Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Oops, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. I have been searching for an answer but have not found one yet.

    If I have full points on my Open Drivers Licence and get my RE Licence -

    How many points do I have?


    If I :eek: loose points off my RE licence (too many) do I loose my Car licence?
  2. Google "QLD Demerit Points" and you will find your answers....
  3. I have been reading the TMR website which tells you about demerit points - but I cannot find information on what I am looking for - i.e. if I loose all my bike points licence, do I loose just my bike licence and points off my drivers licence or do I loose both licences?
  4. yes you lose points off both, in reality it is one license with a driver/rider component. Any points you lose depending on the vehicle is a blot on your license regardless of its type.
  5. Yup. Even your boat license is connected to your car or bike. Lose on one you lose on all.
    So twenty over on a jet ski your RE's are gone and you will have a big dent in your C's

  6. i think your confused you only get one set of points that is a maximum of 12 points

    and you RE licence reflects your car licence in QLD.

    ie: if you have a P car licence (which is the minimum you can have to get a bike licence in QLD. as you have to hold a car licence for 1 year first) you will be issued a RE : P bike licence, if you hold an open car licence you will be issued RE:-O bike licence.

    you L's and P's are a maximum of 4 points
  7. Kinda what I meant. Not you lose all the licenses, but lose points on all. As you state the 12 is all u get. You can still keep the car one going as it has points space left on it. If it's an open and the bike is not.
    But twenty over on the river on a jet ski makes you lose 4 points or more depending on the day or holiday. Kiss the RE goodbye.
  8. Thanks

    I understand its one licence etc but what I was worried about was if I lost the 4 points on the bike, do I loose just it and not the car one. Have been driving 20+++ years and no loss of points yet (touch wood)
  9. almost there

    RE mirrors car licence so if you loose 4 points you still have 8 left and both licences.

    Queensland we aim to confuse... ](*,)