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Pointless Thread - Do Not Read

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BitSar, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Pointless thread................it appears I am a new member with over 3000 posts..........interesting eh?

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  2. The last time meteors came by, we thought the sky was on fire. Naturally, we blamed the Irish... we hanged more than a few.
  3. Given that it also considered me a new member then no, I wouldn't consider it all that interesting that you suffered the same fate with just 3,000 posts :p
  4. I like bacon :)
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  5. Dammit...should have ignored the post! :p

    Hey..where you from? :D
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  6. and are you hot ??
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  7. Ahh.....you guys :D
  8. It's Friday after all! :p
  9. crazy stuff! we're all newbs now! LMAO
  10. Welcome. As an idea maybe you could tell us about yourself. In an interview or something?
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  11. Welcome new member.
    Sit down and have a look around.
  12. Welcome BitSarBitSar to nr.
    I hear the mt 09 is an awesome bike.
    Why dont you try one out some day!
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  13. welcome aboard :)
  14. do you eat cake?

    how many fingers do you have?

    do you even lift bro?
  15. Wow - totally forgot about this.

    Must of been during the 'great migration of 2012' when Netrider old moved
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  16. Salutations! ;)
  17. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Try out the learner sessions. I hear they're 'EPIC'. Of you're L's yet?
  18. tl:dr

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  19. did you know there is an MT-10 now?
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  20. A
    And don't forget to take lots of cool piccies!
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