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Pointless anniversary

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Yeah I know self-indulgent and unnecessary, but it was August the 15th, 1968 when I got my drivers' license.

    {And I can't remember for the life of me that date I got my bike license, but it was August 1974}

  2. What was the testing regime like in 1968??
  3. Funnily enough, I did my first test with the Police in the main street of Wollongong, and they had a regime of failing every first-timer. I did, however, pass the theory test 100% at that test, so I only had to do the driving again.

    Just two weeks later I did it again, the RTA had taken over testing (as they still do today) and I passed the practical test 100% then. I drove a dual control 1962 VW Beetle.

    The bike license was in a country town of just 1,000 people (Denman, in the NSW Hunter Valley). It was conducted by the local Seargent of Police. I didn't have to pass a theory test, even though there were bike-specific questions in the handbook, and my riding test (a week after I had bought the bike!) consisted of riding down the nearest cross street while he stood on the verandah of the cop shop and watched, doing a feet-up u-turn, riding back to infront of the cop shop, and another feet-up u-turn and park. By the time I got my helmet and gloves off, he was walking back from inside with the license written up and signed!

    Oh, and the bike was a brand new Yamaha RD-250B, which cost me $749 on the road. But if I had decided to buy a 650 or a 1,000, had such a beast been available, I could have. No P plates, just go out and ride!!!
  4. wasnt so long ago for me but i remember when i got my bike, aug 6th :)

    also remember funnily enough the date i became unrestricted november 6th occasionaly i use this date as a fake birthday :) on untrusted sites.

    celibrated my unrestricted by blasting up the freeway.

    happy annerversery:)
  5. Ah hornet, you grew up in the best age! There may have been a lot wrong with the world, but I reckon there was just the right amount of right things!
  6. Feb 1970 for, did my test in a HK Kingswood with 3 on the tree (OFARKS will know what I mean)

    Then went out and bought a
    1966 HR Holden Premier Wagon,
    186s motor
    3 speed Hurst shifter
    Cheviot mags
    and don't laugh ...... an 8 track .... I ripped that sucker out and put in one of those new fangled casette player thingies.... also fitted front and back speakers, the rear speakers were from my old HMV stereo..... sad heh :p

    but I loved it ........
  7. *cough* old farts*cough*
    Mum did her licence in her home town, and the test was as Hornet probably had, drive around teh block with local copper in the car. Which wasn't such a big deal really, but my grandfather was the local taxi driver, and he had a 7 seat Plymouth, with a column shift manual and no power steering. Apparently a biiiig car!
    I did my licence in a 1975 Chrysler Charger 770. The instructors at the RTA did not like that, so I had to go back 3 times. They failed me on things I was actualy doing too, it's not a sob story! The fourth time I turned up I told the instructor that this was my only car, and I was just going to keep on coming back till they got over themselves, which they did apparently.
    I may or may not have done a huuuuge burnout outside the RTA as I left with my P's.
    Then 3 months later I stuffed that car into the side of a brand new VN Commodore with no insurance :evil:

    Regards, Andrew.