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Pointing out the obvious?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ngalbrai, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Noob myself, still on P's, bloke on hornet 900 pulls up alongside me the other day and whilst glancing at his bike I notice that his chain is ridiculously slack, so much so that you can see it sagging down a lot. I debate saying anything but decide not to as who am I to interfere - maybe he doesn't know, maybe he doesn't care?

    Would you have said anything?

  2. I guess it depends on how quick the lights were! You could start off with the ol' "Nice bike, how's it go?" & then work in the "Your chain looks loose, is that allright?"

    Otherwise you could just point down..?
  3. I'm the guy who's always happy to let people know things about their vehicle, I'm constantly letting people in traffic know that their brake lights or running lights are out (this is so common it drives me up the goddamned wall), that their headlights are off, tyre pressure looks low, etc. 99 times out of 100 they're grateful that someone let them know.

    I have, however, learned that knocking on their window and yelling the info doesn't work, they just get scared. So I knock, point at the back of their vehicle and try to look concerned :p
  4. I usually DO, but I'm hesitant to say that you should

    In my experience most people are grateful to know that there's something they need to fix.
  5. From time to time I have pointed out to people that there is something wrong with their vehicle.

    The responses ranged from

    "Oh, thankyou, I didn't know, I'll get it fixed as soon as I can, thankyou, I'd have never known". This was from a 'soccer mum' driving a Territory with dodgy brake lights.


    "Get fucked c**t, what's your fucking problem, mumble mumble, something incoherent, mind your own fucking business, c**t." This was from a middle aged bloke driving a Camry with a back wheel that looked like it was about to fall off.
  6. I thought I'd be nice and tried telling a tradie that one of his "wrapped up" cargo in the back is losing its glad wrap wrapping and was dangling behind him at least 2 car lengths. Knocked on the drivers side window at the lights while he was texting on the phone...he turned around, looked angry and gave me the bird. Well didn't expect that, so I moved back a little so I could reach for the excess wrapping and wrapped it nice and tight around his mirrors. Lights went green and off I went.

    I wonder if he stopped to fix it or if he could get out of the car from the drivers side...

    I have pointed out blinkers to riders who have left it on but I have had only a few successful attempts at telling a driver their rear brakes aren't functioning. They either ignore me or shake their head when I knock on their window, however if I do the "wind down your window" hand gesture, they do it? They must be scared...I mean it is the western suburbs most of the time.
  7. I've had a bloke comment about a loose chain and I was grateful. I run mine pretty loose, so it's not hard to let it go too far, particularly near the end of life.

    On the other hand I had a bloke let me know the rain cover had come of by rack bag. "Thanks mate", to which he replied, "Can't see your brake light too farking well like that, grumble, grumble . . . ".

    Some blokes must have the worst wives.
  8. Yeah let them know, I would be grateful because I had a tapping noise coming from mine and it took me a week to workout what the tapping noise was - chain too slack and was hitting the center stand, fixed it with in half hour of getting the Haynes manual out.
  9. I once told a guy who nearly killed a pedestrian trying to get on a Tram that he needs to stop behind the tram when it has big flashing lights on.... he seemed grateful, but that could have just been his 'oh s&*t I nearly just killed someone' look....
  10. Never been able to get close enough to a car driver to inform them that thier brake lights arn't working - Once did a lap of a block to leave a note on a guzzi I couldn't catch in traffic though, his centerstand was almost dragging on the ground.
    Tell/warn them If you can I recon.
  11. I had a funny one not that long ago. I was following a big, shiny F-Series with a big, shiny boat on the back down Mulgoa Road. Problem was, one of the rear wheel hubs was ON FIRE. Not just a little smoke, but flames !
    I pulled up next to him, honked the horn and got abused ! I laughed and pointed to the fire, which was now threatening the nice, shiny boat. His tune sure changed quick. Made my day.
  12. When I first came to melbourne - I did this once and some friendly soul let me know. Thankfully I still had the WA plates on my car.
  13. I only ever tell people if their headlights aren't on by flashing mine. They always seem grateful.

    Conversely, the other night, went up for a palm beach run with a mate, i was a bit ahead so i stopped and turned the light off the bike...

    riding back, people kept flashing their lights i was like "wtf potato are you on about ****ing cager mother ****ers **** YOU!"

    then we pull up at some lights, my mate goes, "your lights off".

    How embarrassing.

    Was so used to people flashing their lights for other reasons...
  14. You can turn your headlights off?
  15. Yeah, it's really annoying especially when you are used to only ever having them on... because its yet another stupid decision you need to make every day - do i run with them on or off?

    On is the usual answer. But sometimes i feel like being a badass and run with them off (during the daylight hours of course.)
  16. I thought it was illegal to run without headlights...day or night...nationally...or is that just in Victoria?
  17. I think that is with bikes made after a certain time...

    Then again, my old sachs made in 07 had switchable lights...
  18. There was a period there where it was an adr requirement that headlights be hardwired on for bikes. It has since been revoked. Only a few years worth of bike have them hardwired on.

    Back OT. I've had other riders let me know I've left indicators on, which is great.
  19. Just say " hey mate, ya chain looks pretty slack."
    He can thank you, pull over and check it out, or (and this is my guess)...he'll just ride off, ignoring your good intentioned observation, because he knows it's past it's operating life and can't be adjusted any more.
  20. Depends on the circumstances, but I generally try to let people know if I can see something not right. You get all sorts of responses, but ... that's life. I wouldn't like to be judged by what some other arsehole did or said, so I keep trying to point things out when I see them.