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QLD Point to Point speed cameras for Qld

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V2, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Just read this

    point to point speed cameras to be installed by Christmas

    Looks like they will be using them "with" the existing cameras in the tunnel. What a bonus - go thru the tunnel exceeding the speed limit and you not only get caught on the existing 10 cameras, but you also get a bonus ticket which measured your average speed.

    Wont bother me as this is one of the reasons I'll never use a tunnel. Looks like they will roll them out on other roads as well though which really sucks.

    "You've got to look at the section of road and where you get the best value for money in regards to reducing speed," he said. This is obviously a typo, should be "best value for money in raising revenue".
  2. Well you have to hand it to them it's a novel approach to funding infrastructure.
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  3. Do they snap the front or rear number plate?
  4. Let's see now if we lower the speed tolerance so we can get almost everyone by not advising them of their misfortune for a couple of weeks, then we get yet another way to raise even more revenue without them knowing they were over. What ever happened to Mr Plod getting you there and then, at least then you knew you had miffed it and could correct your behavior.
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  5. 314 speeding ticket in the first week! I think they made more on speeding tickets than they did on tolls.

    Good Point! Lets hope front only!
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  6. Welcome to Victoria where we have point to point cameras that aren't sign posted as such so many driving to from Melbourne on the Hume get pinged as a result.
  7. Do you now if they take photos of the front or back of cars/bikes?
  8. So when did the point to point cameras changed from ONLY targeting heavy trucks.First I have heard of it even though RUMORS go around the net every few years
  9. In NSW they still only target heavy vehicles - for now.
  10. Just read this

    Speeding fine? There's an app for that

    Very Sad. May as well provide a credit card number when you register a vehicle so they can deduct the required revenue even quicker!
  11. Depends on which camera site it is, most are set up to catch both front and rear, this way they get not only bikes but also truck prime movers which have different rego to the trailer/s on the back.
  12. You sure, there's a Time Distance camera warning on the way to Bathurst from Sydney and I spotted another driving from Sydney down to Nowra on Saturday.
  13. I wonder what makes someone think
    "right, there's a new tunnel, it has 3 speed cameras and measure average speed.... fuggit, I'm doing 170!" :D

    wonder if that applies to the highway ones too? or are they considered multiple offences?

    the "logic" behind point to point (at least for trucks) is that an individual camera might catch someone on a bad day, but higher speed over prolonged period indicates a deliberate effort to go faster than speed limit. (not saying it is good or bad, but it works well for trucks)
  14. From here (as of 3 March 2015):
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  15. there was some concern when the Appin road cameras were introduced that they would apply to cars, but the above was made clear at that time. there was also concern the toll gates on the M7 would be used for point to point, but I believe not at this time?

    However both the Gotcha state and the Banana state have decided to use them on cars
  16. Yeah I think it's only a matter of time. They have the technology, all it'd take is for someone to flick the switch.
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  17. I think they are just doing the sums... since they have the data already... balancing income vs election prospects
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  18. #19 V2, Aug 4, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2015
    I know they are there but I believe they are only using them we normal speed cameras. For some reason the point to point option was never turned on!

    There must have been some stuff-up, why else would they be missing out of the millions a year they would have generated!

    "Inspector Hales said there were point-to-point cameras in Queensland's Glasshouse Mountains, however they were not operational."
  19. I'm pretty sure and the RMS site (http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/business-...amera-enforcement/point-to-point-cameras.html) says "Point-to-point speed cameras involve measuring the average speed of vehicles over long distances. Point-to-point cameras in NSW are only used to monitor the speed of heavy vehicles."