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Point to point cameras on the Hume

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Climbatize, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. This is regarding the point to point speed cameras on the hume hwy, Vic.

    I don't want to alert the fault so much so that it get fixed but i figure if anyone should know about it, its motorcyclists and truck drivers.

    I drive a truck for a living and noticed a few months ago a semi trailer veer into the emergency lane after he over took me... doing between 105-110 on the craigieburn bypass part of the hume... i havn't had the chance to slow down enough to see if the emergency lane has been cut up.. and he pulled into the servo i was delivering to on night shift but didn't have a chance to ask him.... anyone have any ideas about this?

    I think they are front facing cameras come to think of it...

  2. The cameras on the Cragieburn bypass are front facing. The three on the Hume have both front and rear facing cameras.
    The inductor loops are cut all the way across the road - I haven't noticed any damage... :?:

    Anyone know what they're doing at the Wallan rest area? I'm guessing building new service stations.
  3. I think they used to avoid the cameras by going in the emergency lane
    but I noticed now there are detector loops in the emergency lane
    too... :cool: I noticed this while I was doing 20km/h in the emergency
    lane on a flat tyre :cry:
  4. 100% correct.

    As for the OP, just goes to show how silly some people are. The sensor loops are also in the Emergency lane.
  5. Excellent! I've only ever had to come off the hwy once ito get fuel in Wallan, but I'll be happier to spend even less time there :p

    It was almost better living in Seymour, as you'd pass the Mobil heading south.
  6. Being in the transport game myself that bloke will get a "Please Explain Letter" in the mail.

    I got one of those one night on the New England Highway at the camera on the south side of Ben Lommand Hill where I ran out the shoulder so I had a run up for the hill other wise I would of been in bottom box by the time I got to the top.

    One of our other blokes got a "Please Explain Letter" addressed to company of course being a company truck but was his truck for running along the shoulder at the first camera south bound from Benalla but he was cool because they believed him when he told them that there was some steel on the road he was avoiding... he was seeing things wink wink.
  7. Wallan rest area is getting a Maccas... :grin:
  8. Maccas sucks ass and should be abolished.
    But then again... the shit they sell at the wallan caravan canteen could kill an elephant.

    But it must have been fixed i guess... but this semi trailer i saw veered straight into the emergency lane at around 110...

    Anyway i'm not gain to try it in a vehicle with a front number plate. The semis pick some speed.. more than they are legally allowed to do.. but its the ridgid trucks which will really break the speed limit.. i remember the 10 pallet hino i used to drive could hit 135km/h and the redline in 6th could have pushed 137-38 km/h.

    But Hino are just f*cking good trucks.
  9. Cant beat those hinos.

    I use to stop there at Wallan all the time when I was coming out of Melbourne. There are too many McCrappers and shit food on the Hume as it is. No more McCrappers!!!!! Build decent road houses please!
  10. About the only one still left which has decent food all the way to the border is Avenel these days.
  11. Time to resurrect an old thread.

    Apparently the Point to Point cameras from Cooper St to Broadford have been shut down due to problems with wrongly issued penalties.


    They just had Ken Lay on 3AW with the usual spin but how much longer can the public rely on the accuracy of these greed cameras.
  12. Good, so i shouldnt be expecting a fine in the mail after my group travelled up the Hume on Wednesday arvo!!!!

    Was sweating bullets!!!!