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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. conventional radio is rather lame...music is kinda repetitive...

    pretty simple:

    what do you listen to? recommend/ suggest...share your fav.:music:

  2. By far the best I've found, bar absolutely none at all, is "This American Life". Easily the best. Amazing, in fact. Can't recommend it enough for the quality of the journalism, the variety of the topics and the even handed way it approaches most of it's issues. Each week is a new collection of stories based around a theme - so there might be one about "Plan B" which interviews people who end up doing something for a living they never planned to do in the first place - one guy who was a telemarketer for ten years, another who kidnapped Frank Sinatras son etc. Really interesting stuff.

    "The Moth" can be really good as well. It's a group that gets together in new york to listen to free stories... sounds lame but you get some interesting stuff, just people talking unscripted on stage about when they were a homicide detective in New York etc.
  3. Stephen Fry's are pretty good value too - and free.
  4. I usually jump onto Shoutcast and use one of the streaming stations. I know your probably not meant to but to make it portable you can use streamripper. This converts the stream to MP3's for on the go.