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pocketbike races - october22- invite 2every1

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by f4ibike, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. On Sunday 22nd October ( i know its pink ribbon ride- but come after that)!!!

    Melbourne Mini Moto club races are held at:

    Grand Prix Training Centre
    465 Mcdonalds rd
    South Morang

    Racing starts at 1pm till 5pm.

    Its my last race meet til the new year as im going in for surgery on my hand and ill be in a cast for some time!!!!! (then ill know how fireblade is feeling atm-- man i hate being pillion biatch) and i WANT ALL YOU LOVELY NETRIDER people to come and cheer me on and see how funny (but still very serious) this sport can be!!! :grin: :grin:

    no CAPS this time -- sorry :eek:
  2. Mars, I will come after the pink ribbon ride :grin:

    I hope I dont have withdrawals from the track and pinch/borrow someones pocketbike for a blast around the track :p
  3. You will give them a hard time , give them something to remember , win the day then retire with injury , that will have them talking till the next season.
  4. Go get em Mars
  5. Re: --

    Im sure we can come up with a T-Shirt to express your true feelings :p I think the above would work well on cotton.

    :wink: You'll survive and come back stronger, faster... it will be narrated something along the lines of.....

    Marisa, Streetfighter. A woman barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic woman. BanditR1 will be that woman. Better than she was before. Better, stronger, faster.

    (Recognise the quote?)


  6. I feel for the one who has to ride for you , I know I had no back seat for a reason , I would do my Lice keeping the pillion happy . LOL
  7. why is this stuff always on a sunday, I can never do anthing on sunday as I have to give praise .

    Saturday and fridays..........get the Scotman down there in a Kilt screaming his wee nuts off.

    Good luck Mars, hey cany you stunt a pocket bike ?

  8. +1
  9. whats up with that fuggin weekend.. no one got anything else to do huh.. aus supers up at winton, pink ribbon, and now this!

    hey mars, give me a buzz or something.. maybe i can work it out to come back from the supers in time to see you race or something... i dunno.. this shit makes my head hurt.
  10. hey just remidiing ya guys that it is on this weekend!!!!!

    just to let ya know i snapped my swing arm last saturday practising--- hope i can get it welded or fixed before sunday--arghhhh!!!!!!!! :grin:
  11. I have to work in the morning , but will be there after that all going well.

  12. I stopped off to watch Mars and Phil in the last two races for the day, after the Pink Ribbon ride.

    I still giggle to myself everytime I think about little Massimo.
    Folks, this little guy, 4yr old, can't even touch the ground on his pocketbike. His dad has to help him on and off the bike.:grin: and when the race is over, the little tackers brain is still in race mode and he doesn't realise that the race is over, he keeps doing laps until somebody starts waving at him to get him to come off the track :rofl:
    Then all he worries about is food and dogs, until the next race :LOL:

    I had a good perve at all the guys getting around with their leathers half on :twisted:
    Phil and Mars have a funky little setup, it is a very fun social day out.... dog's, kid's, parents, friends and family, everyone looked like they had a ball.

    I will be back to join you guy's when you recover from the Op Mars :) Who knows, I may even have myself a "Maxi" by then. :grin:

    Phil, it's purple, NOT blue :p

    Note to self.....
    Do not park up on the top hill after a long day in the saddle. Riding back down again requires total attention, something I was lacking since being awake at 5am. A couple of scarey moments quickly reminded me I am not invincible. Steep hills on dirt/gravel tracks with lots of bumps and holes can be very tricky indeed, and should not be attempted by tired Virago riders sporting lots of pink ribbon bling, cos the whole crowd are watching if you come a cropper.