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pocketbike issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mudbunny, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows a place in Melbourne where I could get a pocket bike checked out? It has only been ridden once since new but it just wont start. I have checked the fuel, spark plug, petrol hosy thingy and choke but it just wont go...
    I hope I haven't killed it :oops:

    I'm in Williamstown but don't mind the travel.
  2. Lawnmower places are usually the best shot for small engine repair.
    Knowing most of the cheap Chinese stuff though it's probably going to be cheaper to just throw it in the bin.
  3. Its common that the cheap ass made Stator is at fault ..everyone Ive worked on that wont start its been the stator(alternator) There is a place in fenrtreegully that sell and fix these bikes ..Has it got a LIFAN engine if so there are parts avaible.. http://www.motorsm.com/AUS/bikes/vic/citymotorbikes.asp
    The cost of a new stator and the special tool puller to get it off was $90 and its a 5 minute job 5 so a shop should charge more than 200 to fix..
    Have you got spark and is it a strong blue easy seen spark ,not a lights outs just see it spark.?
  4. What are we talking about here ???

    50cc 2 stroke "cag" aircooled
    40-50cc watercooled PB
    or 4 stroke "mid" or "thumper".

  5. Ummmm, number 1 pics! :grin:
    It's a 2stroke, air cooled... that's all I know....
    Last time I checked it was sparking and the pull start cord had lots of friction/very tight... I have opened the throttle a bit prior to starting and I can hear it ticking over (if that's the word for it) rumbling noise trying to start....So it's not completely dead...YET!
    Would the stator die after only 1 ride?
    Sounds like it might be a big deal to fix.
  6. The pullstart shouldn't be any tighter / stiffer that it was when you first got it. There are 2 possiblities that spring to mind ...
    1] the starter cord is jamming or the starter pawl is chewed up
    2] broken /seized piston ring.

    The big question is the spark plug dry or wet with fuel ???
    Dry would indicate a lack of fuel, wet would eliminate a blocked carb / fuel filter / blocked air vent in the fuel tank cap.

    Cags have a habit of blocking jets in the carb causing lean running / slow dying.

    Cags have a simple magnet/coil ignition so the spark should be easily visible across the plug when 'tested' plug out against the engine case using the pull start to spin the engine.

    either way I'd be pulling it apart. RHS cover off to check the pull start. Cylinder off to check the piston & ring.
  7. Thanks for all the help & suggetions everyone. Going to go pull it apart now. :)
  8. Take a lot of care. Let us know how you go. If it is one of those cheap Chinese thingys, you may have to deal with assembly issues.
  9. I was talking about a chineses cheap as 4 stroke bikes..So take no notice of my first post..
    Few questions about the 2 stroke.
    Did you mix oil in the petrol or is it self mix (you have checked that it had 2 stroke oil in it ? )..
    Or it could be to much oil and its fowling the plug or jets.
    Or its the plug they may show a spark out of the engine but nothing once in .Turn it up the right way and make sure the electrobe covering hasnt cracked and falls down over the tip..
    It might have nipped up because of lack of oil and this might be why the starter cord is harder to pull .
    You may have got it to hot.
  10. Thanks, this is very helpful! I mixed the oil/fuel so it has oil in it.
    Will report back in a few days, just gotta remember where everything went :shock: