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Pocket Rockets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RainMann, May 16, 2007.

  1. Does anyone have any of these things living in their street? A couple of times a week some idiot screams past my house, usually at 2 or 3 in the morning, and then comes back again, and then sometimes even goes past again. This noisy little 2-stroke is louder than most 1000cc Yoshi-piped bikes, and the guy riding it is about 30, and i suspect the local weed dealer.
    When i lived with my brother "Nice2Bnaked", we used to chase them at night on our bikes just for a laugh.

    I ride a pretty loud bike, but as a courtesy to my neighbours, I won't ride up and down the street if i don't have to, and I'll usually cut the engine as i arrive late at night and let the momentum roll me into my place.
    Once where I lived previously, the old man next door came over and tried to fight me, and even though i was friendly and defencive he tried to take a swing, and i pushed him over then sent him home. (this was in footscray though). i did go over a few days later with some home-brews to make up for it.
    Anyway I'm getting off the topic... pocket rockets.... what do ya think? and what should i do?
  2. Buy your own and chase him up and down the street Benny Hill style. :rofl:
  3. Invest in a shotgun.

    Or get a heavy HEAVY duty chain lock (the ones you lock boats up with), and secure the pocket bike to a sturdy foundation.

    Or (and this is a bit crazy), you could ask them not to ride them past 11 as the noise is keeping everyone up, just being nice and polite. If they still insist on doing it, tell them if they keep it up you'll call the coppers. And if they are as shady as you suspect, that should send them running for the hills.
  4. invite a few other Harley owners around and have a polite chat to him... :LOL:
  5. yes, all of the above sound pretty good
  6. God they sh!t me. Looks like you live not far from me - I have a guy that does the same thing around here, he'd be about 30. I live in a court and there is a park in our court that connects through to the next street, so of course he comes buzzing in via the other street, through the park, and up through my court, riding back around to the other street doing laps. Bloody loud and annoying.

    There are some big gum trees in the park, and of course, being gums, drop branches from time to time. One night, before they fixed the light in the park, I made sure a decent sized branch was strategically placed in the path he normally takes. Sure enough a bit later he came buzzing through..and was neatly collected by the branch. I could hear him come off swearing from my house :rofl: tosswad.

    Still does it though :roll: I'm thinking a shotgun may be the only solution. Would take care of the bloody cockatoos too :twisted:
  7. Hmmmm.
    Having seen "Stone" a long time back I have a problem with setting anything up deliberately in a rider's way.

    Next door neighbor of mine seemed to take exception to my start ups in the morning and started parking his car in the alley I exit the house from to block me. There were plenty of regular parks, and it was only when construction stuff blocked the other end that he bothered to do it. After I asked him (politely) a few mornings to move it as I had to go to work, he got his rewenge during the day and laid railway sleepers across the alley out back to make my entry again. Good lessons on braking hard on corners on cobbles to avoid a roadblock.

    I'm with Rainman - I didn't rev unneccesarily, or leave the choke in for too long, plus I was leaving the house at 815 most mornings. Couldn't work out why my little 250 was pissing him off.

    This was the neighborhood doof-doof house too.

    Noise does strange things.

    My suggestion - find his low tolerance for noise period (dealers, this should be about 10am), set your stereo on a timer and whilst you are at work you can blast him guantanamo style with achy breaky heart.
  8. I have one of those chinese 125cc dirt bikes, and that thing is so loud. I can ride it around my yard on the weekend but not for long as i dont wanna piss off the neighbours. I usually take it out to pacific park and ride the trails there. There no one to piss off out that area.

    I had the dirt bike on the back of the ute not long ago and went to my local servo and saw one of the guys on a tiny pocket bike, and yeh the thing was about 5 times louder than my bike. and they are bloody annoying.
  9. Um this is a slow but noisy little toy. :jerk: Not a real bike, not anything going at any speed. I'd seen him often enough to know that he goes through the park at barely a walking pace. He'd seriously go faster on a pushbike. I certainly wouldn't do anything if it posed any real danger. Besides, riding in the middle of the night on a toy bike with no lights, through a dark park that is usually littered with debris from trees, you're only asking for trouble even without intervention from annoyed neighbours. Hardly a parallel to anything in a bikie retaliation movie like "Stone" :grin:
  10. Your neighbor, your call. I'd video it anyway, would be hillarious :LOL: :LOL:

    I bet he's posting all kinds of crap at DealersOnPocketBikes.com though :LOL:

    I admit my situation, and the movie are very, very different
  11. Get out your grand-dad's rusty old lawnmower fuel-can. Make up some 2 stroke in it.

    Put some sugar, metal shavings and a little bit of sand in there; then leave it out the front for this guy to "find"...
  12. If you DO decide to do something though, I wouldnt advise talking to him politely first, because then he'll know that the guy who dobbed him to the coppers/threw rocks at him from the bushes/set up road debris was you, and if he IS the local weed dealer then Im sure he wont mind chucking a few bricks through your windows.

    Those noisy f*ckers think that people will be able to sleep through the noise or something at 3am - instead it just wakes you up!
  13. Weld shut the exhaust, should keep it quiet.
  14. Try a video camera, these losers are very 'camera shy' :grin:
  15. i was going to say give him a cheap bottle of shit nitrous that you "had lying around, he might as well use it, let you know how it goes" to burn out the cheap little engine but Ktulu beat me to it. those things don't live very long, bear with it until they feck off or stop you sleeping for 30hours in which case i've heard you can start killing people and getting off on temporary insanity from sleep deprivation.

    i used to have one of those bikes, a little 49cc R1 replica. in blue. with a broken exhaust. took it out one night to test out the new light-up speedo i'd just wired into it, out through the hills at 1 or 2am carving up apexes. had a spot of trouble on the way home, a car was following me and then suddenly my world went red and blue and the big, booming voice of God told me to pull over. but that's another story. let's just say God is still investigating...

    those things are fun, but real bikes are funner. mine kept breaking down, i'm in the process of making a coffee table out of it. my gf is in for a rude shock when we find an apartment. my fridge has red racing stripes.
  16. as much as i hate these things and would love to slap a rider upside the head, and tell him to get a real bike, the above "revenge tactic", so as one can have a quite night, is just plain ridiculous!

    no different from idiots stringing wire across a track or putting oil/gravel on the road or opening a car door on any one of us while filtering. lucky he got off lightly.

    *shakes head*
  17. Point taken, and I'd agree with you if I'd thought there was any danger to it. It's not really anywhere remotely similar to stringing up a wire to catch out dirtbikes or roadbikes, putting oil on a roadway or opening a car door. This is a slow moving object going through a park already littered with branches. Did we miss the point about this being a slow moving toy? Albeit two wheeled and loud. I'm not at all keen on causing any sort of injury. Ahhh...really it just sounds worse than it really was. I'd had enough...and really, I wouldn't do anything if I thought it would cause ANY injuries. Trust me - he was only annoyed at falling over by bumping into something, and it hasn't stopped him at all.

    I know I'm trying hard to justify something that sounds dangerous, but you'd really have to see the situation to have a real understanding. Small branch (decent sized enough that a small wheel wouldn't simply roll over it) on ground, suburban park, already branches about, walking pace object bumping into it...ah I give up.
  18. yeah, yeah, i know. i chuckled when i read it.

    but still...don't do it again :wink:
  19. Yes officer :grin: Didn't do me any good anyway, will have to think of something else :LOL:

    What concerns me more is the P platers that come and do donuts in the court at night in the Falcons/Commonwhores. I can just see one of them ending up crashing through someone's front window :shock:
  20. honestly, i would hop out of bed, apply am minimal amount of clothing, and go out to the street and punch them in the face.
    i dont do the "tolerance" thing.
    i dont always win these battles though :oops: