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Pocket Rocket Electric Bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by minglis, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. I really want to get one of these for my son's 4th b'day, but it seems that you can't get them in Aus.

    Anyone know if there's a way of getting these into Aus? I contacted Razor, but they just said they aren't available in Aus. They say 13+, but by the size of them, that's just silly. It'd be a great fit for a 4 year old.

  2. If they aren't available it's probably because they don't have ADR approval.

    You can thank the dickheads that were riding petrol powered pocket bikes on the roads a few years back for that.
  3. Get them to send you 5 separate packs of spare parts, no law against spare parts ;)

    Just make sure there's enough spare parts to build a complete one.

    Edit: On a potentially helpful note, there are companies out there that will forward goods for you, like http://www.shipito.com/

    Haven't used them myself...
  4. ahaha 4 year old? I grabbed a 49cc smoker for $300 with a mate, it'll crack 40 pretty easily with either of us on it, and I doubt an electric one would be terribly slow either.
  5. top speed of 15mph. I reckon he'd get about that now on his push bike.
  6. Dude you used to be able to buy them at kmart etc...

    Try eBay!
  7. looked at eBay. Only available from the USA, and they won't ship to to Aus. Didn't find any second hand ones in Aus either.
  8. if you were an awesome dad you'd get him a smoker :(
  9. smoker??
  10. If you get a cheap petrol one from Ebay, for another $400+ depending on how much battery time you want your could build yourself a electric one that can do 5kw.....up to 100km/h if you wanted to. 50km/h poping wheelies sounds more fun tho. Not much noise so no pesky neighbors calling the police

    Have a look at the large scale motors for RC aircraft they go up to 10kw for the toy ones :)

    ps. I joined the forum researching gear and bikes for a Electric motor bike build, currently converting a 50CC Vmoto Milan scooter to electric to learn how well CVTs work :)

    If your in Queensland i can help out