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Pocket Rocket cops a Pocket Rocket Charge

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Mar 5, 2006.

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  2. It all happens down in Tasmania don't it hey?
    Veritable island full of bikie outlaws from what I can see.

    "It just comes down to sheer stupidity coming up at 50km/h behind
    someone on a pushbike who can't hear them or thinks they're a lawnmower."

    Name me one person who's ever gone 50kph on a lawnmower? LMAO.
  3. Pff, let the lil guys ride.

    Spoil everyones fun coppers do :(
  4. If someones doing something wrong and stupid then fine them yes, but my main gripe is i love how they call it unlicenced, unregistered and unroadworthy yet your not allowed to get them registered and theres no licence for them unless a motorcycle licence suffices?
  5. I can't be bothered looking up the links for you but I guarantee there are crazy yanks who've gone much faster than 50kmh on their ride on lawn mowers.
  6. You can't register them because they are unroadworthy. If they are unroadworthy then they shouldn't be ridden on the roads!

    If you read the article fully you will see that pocket bikes are illegal in any public place, thus he was doing something wrong. Plus he was drunk, if he injured himself or anyone else we would be paying for it through our taxes. He got what he deserved.
  7. I agree. The people who ride these things around teh roads need to be clamped down on hard. I have nearly wiped out more than a few of them over the past few years. I don't have a problem with the people who have the little scooters that ride along the kerb to and fron the shops, I have a problem with the tools that zap aross busy intersections in them, and play chicken with traffic.
    A guy next door at work wrote his pocket bike off last week and now has six weeks off work, came off at 60km/h, slid down the side of teh road on gravel and into a power pole. Singlet, shorts, thongs and no hemlet. Brainiac.
    I am sure Medicare will foot the bill.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Dont get all high and mighty, As i said im not talking about what he did and people should be punished for doing THE WRONG THING, what im talking about is the GENERALISATION that if you read what i said carefully is they want to charge you with unroadworthy and unregistered vehicle how can they do that when there is not a law to state they CAN be rwc and registered in this country.... it seems silly but hey thats just me and last time i checked im entitled to my opinion as are you.... but i might be biased because i dont ride pocket bikes yet i do ride my gopeds and they are illegal and i get the same thing from cops when i get pulled over, you cant ride that its not registered and its unroadworthy, my goped has a engine and chassis number why cant i register it? how can they fine you for something by law your not allowed to rectify? And what shits me even more is goped were perfectly legal till this nong who was drunk on a pocketbike hit a taxi and died then everything was made illegal, so b4 you all have a go i dont endorse pocket bikes etc, just a few dicks like this drunken moron who wreck it for the rest of us...
  9. You'll probably find your goped is legal. In NSW at least, there is an ancient law about potorised bicycles, I think the maximum engine size is 50cc? I can't remember. I looked into building one a while ago.
    So, you probably don't need to register it, it is classed as a pushbike, so tell the cops to buger off and get a life.
    Oh, and don't ride through red lights in one, or someone may hit you!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. the only reason they are unroadworthy and cannot be registered is because they do not have lights, indicators and mirrors.

    neither do push bikes, yet you are allowed to ride them on the road and on bike paths. and push bikes are just as fast and as dangerous as pocket bikes. ever seen the antics of some of the psycho cyclists in the city. You will be paying for their injuries with your taxes also when they hurt themselves or someone else.

    the fact that he was drunk means nothing, he wasn't on the road.

    only reason push bikes are legal is because they don't have an engine. but they can arguably to just as much damage if not more because they are bigger.

    Cops and politians are so bloody stupid
  11. Hmmm, who's getting all high and mighty?? Not me!

    You never said that you weren't talking about this guy - if you had I wouldn't have made any comment! :facepalm:
  12. I used to live in Tassie, the part of the track where the 'rider' got caught is near a school, play area, community hall, entertainment centre, Derwent River and major highway out of Slowbart - the Brooker Highway. Apart from the risks to others, himself etc many other things could have gone wrong, apart from what he was riding and the, erm, state in which he was riding...
  13. Agreed. In my opinion pushbikes should be required to be registered and should pay TAC if they are ridden on roads. They should have lights and mirrors, indicators are a bit trickier and I think you can do without them on a pushbike.

    he was in charge of a vehicle in a public area, therefore he was breaking the law. You can be charged for riding a horse, a pushbike or even a motorised wheelchair when drunk. Add alcohol to any one of them and they become dangerous (especially the horse :wink: )
  14. Umm... i did say if people are doing something wrong they should be punished who do you think i was talking about elma fudd?
  15. ME! :grin: or my homemade scooter with 160cc victa engine, got up to around 75km/h back before there were strict rules on pocket bikes etc.

    i ended up selling it for $600 to some guy who had lost his drivers licence for drink driving :p
  16. ok, thats fair enough, i didn't know that

    i agree with that, but it will never happen because it will put a lot of people off riding their pushie. yet they will happily ban pocket bikes because they are dangerous... who can argue with logic like that... :roll:

    But this incident didn't occur on the road so the above is irrelevent. its wrong that this guy gets fined for riding a pocket bike on a bike path. push bikes are just as dangerous as pocket bikes, yet your allowed to ride them on a bike path (sounds funny saying that becasue they are made for pushies) where they can injure pedestrians and kids. I'd like to see one fair rule for everyone.

    the only thing this guy should cop a fine for is because he was pissed.
  17. Thats the sole reason I got a motorbike license :LOL:
    Got sick & tired of getting caught on the roads wif em so one
    day my wife said "Why dont U get a motorbike license"

    (I used to ride to work & home again on one - 3km each way)

    Had never thought of getting one before. Booked my learners
    in for the same month; Jan 2005.
  18. Pigs arse they are the same.

    Go watch the how a euro runs at a track & come back & tell me a
    pushie is just as dangerous.

    These things hit 80kn/h in a matter or seconds & ya only a coupla
    inches off the ground. Gear them for speed & U'd hit 100km/h

    Push bikes arent even close to being in the same league.
    Anyone can ride a puchbike, but not a minimoto.

  19. I'm talking about the cheap ass air cooled ones which every man and his dog bought when they came out over here because they were cheap.

    Sure the top of the range pollini pocket bikes are capable of speeds of 100km/h, but they also cost a few thousand dollars which is a bit rich for most people. They are really only used for racing.

    And 8yo cousin can ride my pocket bike, so it's that hard..
    maybe he can give you some lessons if you think its difficult.
  20. np slammer.. u talking about cags then. the still go alot
    faster than what ya 8yo can travel on a bike & alot more

    BTW, please show me where did I say anything about
    minimotos being difficult to ride??

    I aint talking about difficulty. I was talking about the comparison
    in danger of riding them & riding a push bike..