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pocket rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by soyboy, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Consider this my virgin post... am new to the forums and would like to introduce myself.
    My name is Sonya, I'm an industrial designer working in Collingwood. Apart from my ever growing enthusiasm for motorcycling community and lifestyle, I'm a member of rollaclub (a club for old school corollas, i know, it sounds really corny) as I drive a 78 KE30 Sedan called Nellie, and I play mixed futsal.

    I've had my L's for about 3 months now (it only took me about 5 years to get off my butt to go get them) and am still on the prowl for that magical first bike... My height (or lack thereof, am barely 5'2") and experience with bikes (all the riders in my family ride Hondas) means I seem to be preferring Spadas at the moment, but am certainly open to suggestion.

    Was considering buying my mates Aprilia RS 125 but am not sold on having a two stroke, plus the fairings means I would have to lower it which I am not keen on.

    Am looking forward to coming along to a few of the learners meets when I get it together, and meeting some of my fellow riders...

  2. Hi and Welcome to Netrider soyboy (Sonya)

    I like your choice on the Spada, its lower then say a VTR.

    And stay away from the oil burner RS 125........Smelly 2 stroke stuff lol

    Just my thoughts on the matter

    Cheers Bru
  3. Hi Sonya, welcome to NR!

    Nothing corny about rollas, I used to have a purple KE55 coupe called Chi Chi.

    Good luck finding the bike for you, I'd say go the VTR but I'm biased. :)
  4. Welcome fellow short arse;

    I'm 5'4 on a good day and hoon about happily on a stock Daytona (825mm seat height). Another feller on here is also my height on a kawa ZX14. Never fear about the height, it's workable, without mods, more often then not.

    I also used to love trashing cars (toyota fan also, but for different reasons), also took 5 years to get my bike L's too... since then, I don't care for cars except for a practicality thing like filling it with 5 people or large items / shopping etc... Good luck with the bike hunting, hope you get a good one.

  5. Welcome sonya - hope you get yourself a bike soon! I may be wrong here but rs 125's are not Learner legal due to power to weight ratios.... *I think* just be sure to check if you are leaning towards that bike
  6. I'm pretty sure that the 125 is legal - only the 250 is not LAMS approved.

    The list states the any bike 250cc and under is legal execpt for a few listed bikes of which the RS250 is one of.
  7. Welcome aboard Sonya!
    Nothing wrong with being a short-ass.
    Still plenty of options there for us riders in the height deficient dept.
    At 5' 3" I'm happily poking about on my 600 Hornet.
  8. Heyo Sonya

    If you're worried about your height and the bikes there's a link in the New riders budget and random tips page:

    Couple of people posted their heights and how they managed to fit on their bikes. It'll give you a good idea bikes that'll suit you or how other people coped with it (e.g. thicker boots, lowered seat etc).

    All teh best!
  9. Hey guys,
    thanks for the warm welcome and advice, it's great to see the range of bikes which are within reach (excuse the pun) of my fellow vertically challenged individuals...

    had read up on the ducks disease thread, but had not come across vtwinmama, so much appreciated daiakuji, it's such a help!