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Pocket bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FalomVtr, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. Ok folks, here is the part where I ask you all for your knowledge. I and a couple of mates are seriously looking into purchasing some pocket bikes with the vision of racing as a group for a bit of a laugh. So here comes the question. Does anyone know a decent sales group to see for a good deal? We don't want the 3000 dollar jobs but more around the 1000 buck mark. Also, is there anywhere you can race them? Either hire a track or even an existing club. There is surely some of you guys already doing this or maybe you would like to join in??? :D
    Any info would be greatly appreciated. :)

    Ta in advance
    Stew 8)

  2. I saw on www.ozsportsbikes.com some guys in QLD had found a supplier of 49cc pocketbikes for $550 each. Maybe have a look on there...he has more info about them. I have NO idea at all about these, so might be worth a look.

    :D :D :D
  3. eBay has pocket bikes - very cheep
  4. also check out the trading post - there are advertisements for companys selling 49cc bikes for $550
  5. Thanx guys for your help. The cheaper ones are a little "not sure". Actually rode one today and it was good but.... Anyway I think I have found the one I'm after. http://www.pocketracer.com.au/index.htm These guys seem to have the goods and whats more the service and spares to back up there product. So the next thing is, who's up for a go??? I know it aint exactly pocket monet, pardon the pun, but hey it's good clean fun and bound to improve your road riding. PM me or post if you want to discuss this more cause I am dead keen!!!! :D :D

  6. These guys in Qld are a bit slow on getting parts delivered,,and make sure that you get insurance, cos the bike may come to you damaged..ie fairings.....also get them to change the nuts and bolts over from the chinese crap......
    The only place we have found to race these things is South Morang..
    if you can find closer,,let me know....I have 3 others that what is race/have fun...

  7. Hey there Graeme. Was thinking of ringing a few local go-kart mobs to see if we can use thier facilities on a regular basis. Definately would change the chinese nuts and bolts over and would go pick them up from NSW, they have a place there too. That way we can check out the gear prior to payment. Gotta get into this, would be HEAPS of fun. :LOL: :D

  8. 4 of us at work brought bikes through Ebay,,yeah we were thinking the same thing about getting onto a local go-kart track and seeing if we can booking time...I think if we get enough people together they would have to say yes(show them the money)....
    with the cheap airfares now,,it would be easy to zip up to Qld and try a bike and bring it back....
    I think I would go for this one
    has a few more extras

  9. Yeah nice unit indeed. Wanted to keep it as close to the grand mark as I could. With the pre-pickup set up on it, an extra 150 bucks, it makes it about 1250 for the PR50 so that would do me. I aint too big either so I should have a weight advantage. :LOL:

  10. Stew......what colour r u thinking of getting??...
    mine is black, the other 3 are silver, orange/blue and red/white...
    Its funny i originally brought this for my daugther, but since I had a go on it i'm riding it more than her...but I thinking of getting one for myself and she can ride against me...lol..
    are your mates also thinking about buying one....??

  11. Quite like the blue,black and white combo. Lets be honest though, with that amount of body work it would cost bugger all to do a custom job. My brother in law is going nuts waiting to get one of these and the bug has definately got me! Am trying to get more people on board and was hoping that a few Netriders would jump in. May post a poll to see how many numbers we can get. Where abouts are you based mate? I'm in Aspendale just near Mordialloc.

  12. Stew....myself and 1 of the others live Narren Warren Sth and we all work in Dandenong...the other 2 live around Croydon area I think.....
    thats a good idea,,yeah get a poll going to see if anyone else is interested....

    :D :D :D

  13. Am on it mate... :D

  14. Damn it!!!!!! Only mods can do polls. I am a mod on another site and forget that I am only a pleb here. :cry: Will find a way!!!!!

  15. You can create polls in the Polls and Surveys forum
  16. hey, i think you could do better than that for the money. those PR50s look exactly the same as the ones that the site admin at OSB was able to get for $550 when last i saw them. keep an eye out, theres alot of places trying to cash in on the craze at the moment. you shouldn't have to pay $1k for a decent bike unless you want something thats going to hit 80-100kph. ebay has some awesome deal at the moment too.....

  17. Yep, tried that and it tells me that only moderators can post new topics in that area... :?

  18. Damn and i was going to do a poll on who should be able to create polls :cry:

    Drum roll please Puppywarewolfe.....
    Sorry, but only moderators can post topics in this forum :?:
  19. Hey, I've been looking into this same thing and come up with two options:

    1. There is a local pocketbike distrubutor which is offering to setup wholesale agreements to sell the bikes themselves. I'm in the process of sorting this out through my own business. This is the mob http://www.pocketrockets.com.au/bikes.html

    2. I was also contacted by a mate I took on the pocket bike ride earlier this year and he has a mate who has been importing bikes for $250 a pop. However I just missed the last order and there won't be another one until November or December. No idea what bikes they are but for that price your going to get more people to get one, so surely the more the merrier.

    I'll shoot you a PM when I know more about what I can get and what price and then you can see if you want to get them.