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VIC Pocket Bikes Fines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mattizie, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just a quick question for those that may know.
    I'm in Germany for an internship, and I don't know a lick of it, so it's quite hard finding the German equivalent of netrider.

    Anyway, I was searching for some transport options, to and from, work, and noticed that the place I was staying at has a pocket bike in the garage that looks like it hasn't moved for a while (aka not in use).

    Would anyone know what I'm up for if I get caught on one of these? I'm not too worried about getting caught, as the road to work is mostly a bike track, quarter dirt, 8km, and I've seen more horses on it than cars (I'm out in farm country pretty much). But would like to know the possible consequences.

    If it's something in the order of 1k euro then it's probably not worth the risk cause I could buy a legal registered scooter for that, but 100-200 euro, I don't really mind.

    If in wrong thread, my apologies.
  2. Unregistered vehicle: $772 for driving an unregistered vehicle.

    Unlicensed driving: If you have previously held a motorcycle license, but not at the time you were caught, the fine of unlicensed driving is up to $1400 or 1 month in prison. If you have never held a motorcycle license in the previous 5 years, the fine is up to $2800 and 3 months in prison.

    Unsecured Helmet - Driving without wearing an approved helmet incurs another fine and 3 points

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    Just thought I'd point this out .......lol
  4. Lol,
    I know, but I have seen a few FOBs (fresh off boat) at some of the netrider rides. Thought they might know.