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pocket bike racing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 87crisis, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. i leave this as an open invitation as it's still a couple months before everything falls into place

    long story short...i'm getting a inheritance...yep..spectacular...not gonna go into details...it's just enough for me to set myself up nicely and have a few toys on the side which brings me to this...

    i've had word's with a mate whom say's he knows of one or two area's (namely industrial) where we could have a nice little circuit set up for some races...as i've been eyeing off the lot's of 10 mini pocket bikes that're going on ebay for around $1,600 of the moment

    now in the understanding it'll be around the penrith area...and really this is more of a EOI for this ..event if you will.......we're thinking $20 buy in per race...winner takes the pot...and just getting drunk with mates and having some fun basically (no, before anyone get's on their high horse's...i refuse to drink and ride normally...but they're pocket bikes ffs...i'll happily cop whatever damage the lil buggers can dish out on me)

    i should have 2-4 bikes spare depending on how many i purchase when the time comes (i get trigger happy with the buy button sometimes)

    i honestly figure **** it...me and the woman are planning on buying a house outright and essentially semi-retiring at 25...we don't want much from life....just to live and enjoy it....so why not buy a bunch of pocket bikes to get together with a bunch of mates and do something different on a weekend rather than going to the club and getting pissed up n in a fight or blowing all your cash on pokies or some crap

    by the looks of things...i will be hoping to have it all organised by early to mid august if all goes well...(i know...Ages away...But such is life...i'd rather have it all planned reasonably well rather than have it blow up in my face on the first time it's run)
  2. Mate, what a position to be in for a young fella!

    Firstly, congrats on the inheritance, but not always in the nicest circumstances (often for the person it came from) and a good call to get a house bought outright. Be careful of those with lots of advice or 'opportunities' for the rest of your money. Even if you just park it in a term deposit in a bank, to take time to think about what you want to do to make that semi-retirement work.

    Your idea with the pocket bikes reminds me of bretto61 and his postie bike parties at Christmas time (IIRC). Sounds like a hoot with a few mates. An industrial estate might be classed as a road associated area (or similar) by the cops though, so they might be interested in the fun and games too (?)
  3. + 1 about buying and owning your own home, when you get to he bank, careful they dont 'sell' you 'we can make your money earn money'.
    anyhow, congrats on your situation, enjoy the bikes and keep your mind active or you'll go nuts!
    Ever wanted to own your own business? Well might be an opportunity to get into one now that you can afford to. then again, road trip sounds good :)
    either way, enjoy :)
  4. Sounds like a fricken hoot! If you do manage to get this underway you should definately have a pocket bike comp thread detailing the events of each race with pics and all. Those little things seem like they'd be a blast to boot around on! Good luck with it.
  5. One question - public liability insurance?
  6. if anyone was to worry about that, do you think they'd participate?
  7. No but the OP might have to sell his house to pay off someones injury. Its a big issue especially if money is involved. You then have issues with tax, liability, damage to the bikes (someone stacks the bike who pays?) etc etc.

    Don't get into this without having a think first as there are a lot of issues to take into consideration.

    Cheers Spocky
  8. Simple. dont participate, seems the OP is putting out there for some fun, not to fund someone if they hurt themselves. Who funds you if you have an accident on the road? So who do you pay insurance to? I dont see anyone here saying 'hey op, heres some cash for insurance' Fark me, have we become american or what??
  9. LOL all good....I'm not fussed it was just a comment to the OP to at least research it...

    Call MA and ask them about a 'racing' event (even baby bikes) as opposed to a 'practice/demo' event (as other pocket bike race series have found, even with dirt/pitbikes). I have had some experience with this both with stunt riding and also both pocket & pit bike 'racing'. OP should look into 'Untimed/Demo/Practice events' VS calling it a 'race' even if unofficially there is actual racing/prizes etc

    Other than the whole MA thing which would be easy enough to steer clear of, sometimes people can do strange things....something along the lines of 'Sure I will enter, I don't care about insurance....' until something goes horribly wrong.....I know it's out there, but if a particpant died, would the family agree not to take action?

    You never know, if OP was to say 'Pay insurance/entry fee's' people may be more than willing to chip in (although it would be quite expensive as is our PLI for stunt events/demo's/practice.....).

    Just sayin....not tryin to put the kybosh on anyone/thing/idea...but in this day and age I'd be erring on the side of caution. Would suck to get a nice inheritance only to lose it fighting a court battle....

    Would love to see it happen so don't get me wrong - carry on.. :)
  10. Awesome idea.
  11. Just get them to sign a contract saying that he is not liable for any actions that that person may undertake or something?
  12. as long as we can jump through burning rings of fire.
  13. Just Google "Release and Waiver of Liability" and go from there
  14. Sounds frigging awesome. Just make a no fishnets rule, I do not wanna be stuck behind someone in fishnets on a pocket bike.
  15. Soooo, let's think about some rules then....

    * Riding pocket bikes is inherently dangerous and I fully expect to die or be injured. Death will occur immediately if ever I reach 68km/h

    * This bike is the property of 87crisis and I am borrowing it for the purpose of having fun. I expect that it will be poorly maintained and probably contains multiple structural defects, some of which I may have contributed. I will consider myself lucky if it doesn't fall apart under my control.

    * I acknowledge that consumption of alcohol and then attempting to ride is at my own risk. I also note that this is likely to lead to many remarkable stunts that I would never consider attempting while sober, which may or may not have been as good as the stories that I will relate afterwards.

    * If I am injured, I will not cry or run home to Mummy. I will suck it up Princess, like a big boy/girl.

    * I will pay for all of my own medical treatment and promise to post pictures of the hot nurses on Netrider as soon as I am able.

    * Just as I will not hold 87crisis liable for any injury that I may suffer, nor will I give him any credit for the scars, bruises, war wounds or other badges of honour that I may accrue, nor the increase in my sexual attractiveness or other form of general awesomeness that will develop through my participation in these activities.

    * If I die, I promise not to sue 87crisis for the events leading to my death. If any members of my friends or family threaten to do this, I will tell Oldie all about the skeletons in their closets and haunt them until they cease and desist.

    * I promise to yell loudly, laugh until it hurts, swear profusely and otherwise demonstrate my enjoyment of the aforementioned activity.

    * I acknowledge that ATGATT is at the rider's choice, although I concur, accede and accept the overriding requirement that fishnets not be worn. That means you, NK.

    * I accept that in the event of the appearance of any vehicle displaying disco lights, the 'every man for himself' principle applies. If involved in a discussion with any occupants of the aforementioned vehicle, I agree to state that I was just walking past when this bloke said, "Hey, do you want a go" and that I have never seen any of these people before.
  16. I'm bringing a bag of blue, green and red shells and going to throw them at anyone who comes near. Not to mention I'll be dropping banana peels.
  17. ok....liability waiver sounds like a good idea - however this is still sad that it'll come to needing such things....if someone bins one of my bikes? shout me a couple drinks..it's all good i'll be buying them to have fun with

    as for cops? yes...mini pocket riders/ super mario demons beware...i'm thinking of doing it in a industrial area...obviously not gonna say where here but as previously stated there's a few places in mind, i want to be able to sit around and have a few drinks and have a couple races once every month or so - socialise...have some fun...maybe win some cash if i don't slip on a banana peel - BASICALLY...I WANNA BE ****ING AUSTRALIAN....and just have fun being a lil reckless yet not be held down by a buttload of rules and regulations

    if i can in time find a more suited place for this event (possibly even slightly more legal if at all possible)

    as for the people talking of the inheritance...yes, it's from my grandma whom i was carer for until she passed - it's a shit situation but i will be looking to own a house outright instead of being another person you hear about that's pissed a bunch of money up the wall

    i also agree with the term deposit account until i decide what will be done with the majority of the money and have been looking into it (me +the sister are inheriting the grandparents house aswell.....50/50 so we just have to sort out whom is going to buy who out so the other party can go buy their own house)

    there....i hope i've cleared up a few things regarding what i'm planning and there's my life story of the moment to boot
  18. **** the legal stuff, I'm in!! I live near by and know a few guys who'd be really into it. Me and my bike mates often go out to go karts, eastern creek drags, track days and even racing games at timezone, we take low level racing way too seriously. My mate just knocked .2 secs off my PB at minto go karts and I'm burning so badly to go back and stick it to him!

    They used to run pocket bike nights at butterfly farm go kart track years ago (BYO) but I never got round to going and always regretted it.

    Congrats on the inheritance, I honestly think you should talk to a proper financial planner and invest it carefully, buying a house outright isn't always the best thing to do, you gotta look at the tax side of things.
  19. Pocket bikes were awesome when they were legal to ride on the footpath... and hoon around on a few years back.

    as for your inheritance.. i agree with the consensus that you need to talk to a financial planner, and invest it or what have you.

    don't be one of those people who wins the lottery for example.. and then wastes all their money on toys and crap that may give you fun for awhile but in X amount of years you're broke.

    and sorry for your loss.
  20. it was the old dears second bout with cancer...she'd had enough and called it a day
    but thankyou.

    i completely agree with you regarding the lottery type scenario manner...amusing thing is the reason they had so much money was due to my grandparents winning the lotto in 95' and then investing the majority of it....highs & lows of the market aside they did well....

    i'm young...and impulsive - so as much as my stubborn side doesn't like the concept of being told what to do ...seeing a financial advisor is something i will still do with a open mind as it is a life-changing situation.