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Pocket Bike Racing - FREE Try-It

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser3, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. If you are interested in having a go at riding a Pocket Bike for FREE here is your chance. We have currently set-up a team called All Balls Pocket Racing Team that races pocket bikes at Sth Morang and Warrnambool.

    These bikes are not easy to ride, the body will bend like it's never been bent before, they are 2 stroke eating machines and when the powerband hits, you are off like a rocket. People like ex 125cc & 250ccGP rider Bill Sayers rides for another team.

    Anyway we have purchased a spare BansheeSHO pocket bike for people to try, just a way to get more people involved the sport and a cheap way to get the blood pumping.

    I race them and find the experience is just as good as getting out on the track, however when you drop a pocketbike it's rare that the damage bill is major.

    Here is a link to where you can register to have a go:

    Here is a link to our image library of Pocket bikes:

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  3. Great team name!

    If I thought my dought butt would fit onto one one of those things I'd sign up in a flash! As it is I need to be shoe-horned into a go-kart... :LOL:
  4. Nah Matt 85kg is fine.. there's guys bigger than that doing it and doing it well!

    Its great if you have kids as well. There's kids racing as young as 6 on these bikes and they can put the big boys to shame. My boy is 8 and I've managed to get him well and truly addicted. Came home after his first race to proudly tell Mum he managed to get it up to 65kph down the main straight.. Cant stop him now

  5. Can you lash two of them together for me to ride? I'm well over crush weight for a single one.
  6. Thanks Matt, you could ride these easy, if you are flexiable and weigh 95kg you could ride one. Maybe I will lift the weight limit, the specs of these bikes say they will hold 110kg.
  7. I take it these are the $1000-$2000 pocket bikes, rather than the $500 ones?
  8. I was part of a group of netrider that went out to Sth Morang about 2 years ago to do a afternoon out there on thier under powered inhouse bikes. Was good fun and yer stacking there was much more forgiving.
  9. wat day r these try days
  10. Yeah Matt these are worth about $1500 each and put out over 10hp.

    With the sprocket ratios we have on them they do about 80kph which absolutely stromps what those pee wees we rode that day would do. 80 on these feels like 280 on a big bike.

    You also dont have the handling issues those bikes had either. I can remember everytime you rode those bikes into the corners and the things got the head shakes and wanted to throw you over.

    There's also a lower power more forgiving bike available if anyone doesnt want to ride the high powered bikes or has someone a little younger they want to introduce.
  11. these "FREE Try-it" days, do you have to be suited up(in leathers)

    cos my 14yr old doesn't have leathers..
  12. You can ride in heavy jeans and we can lend you a set of knee pads and elbow pads. We will make sure he get's on the track, but if you are interested in checking them out before a race day just let me know, we go over some Saturdays for testing as well or because you arn't far from me you could drop around and check them out.
  13. Just a note too there isnt any obligation with this either. The whole idea is to introduce people to the sport, spark a bit of interest and get people to see there's more to pocket bikes than $250 pieces of crap from ebay.

    They're fast, fun, and can really get you pushing your limits without the fear of chucking your dearly beloved down the road.
  14. These things look a hoot to ride, I like the idea of hurting myself and bike less after a stack. I don't think I have the skill yet, although I'll be keen in the future.
  15. Port you'd be surprised on the affect these things can have on your riding abilities of the bigger bikes. You really learn to loosen up and throw it into the corners
  16. :LOL: :LOL:

    They rock guys!! you have to come try them. I also have a Banshee like the balls team and its actually helpped with my big bike cornering as well!!

    Its the perfect way to have fun, go fast & learn more about your self as a rider as well. DONT worry about how much you weigh - I am about 85 ~ 90kg EASY and I am leading the points for my class....SO FAR.... I think I am going to have a few sets of balls up my clacker next race meet!! :p

    I'll also offer up my race bike for anyone willing to have a fang - btw - these bike are more about the 950 ~ 1000 mark :) depending what extras you get put on as well :D

    put it this way - its more fun then riding my hayabusa... in alot of ways - there is just stuff you can do on these you would NEVER do with your beloved!
  17. so that do these pocket bikes(BansheeSHO) look like, I can't seem to find a picture of them...
    you also say these are "race prepared", so how quick are they....??
  18. Well.... here is mine - as to how quick - that one there in those pics that I race will pop the front up out of a corner if I snap on the throttle. that give you any idea? max speed is up to your gearing - I am set for about 75 ~ 80kph


    and here is my fat butt riding it....


    **EDIT: Here is another watercooled bike I also race for a team :)
    http://www.users.on.net/~razz0r/clips/race2/blatarep1.jpg just to show yas something a little diffrent ;) Hope to cyas all there!!
  19. Not sure about Steves pb's, but Ya paying up to $6000 for the
    euro built bikes :grin:

    Mad huh :cool: :twisted: