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Pocket bike Legality issues

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by oleitch, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Hope some of you could shed some light on the laws regarding pocket bikes (mini racers) regarding use on roads and foot paths etc... What are the laws regarding power ratings that determine if it is a 'motorbike' or 'motorised bike'. Basically I want to know if I can ride one on the road or footpath in NSW unregistered and such, I heard that it was classified as a motorised bike until recently, ie. just need to wear a helmet and obey bicycle rule, it it was under 50cc. I also heard they changed it recently to a specific kW rating, as some of those bike under 50cc were still too fast. Well thanks for your help im hopeing someone will be able to clear this up for me as the government sites are useless in finding specific information.

  2. Give the RTA technical vehicle regulations department a call on 1300 137 302 and then let us all know the answer please :)
  3. For your reference, Victorian law on these was changed on 15th Dec 2004. To not be classified as a motorcycle it had to have an electric motor{s) that produced less than 200kW and has a maximum top speed when ridden by an adult of 10km/h. Anything else (including pocket/monkey bikes) that either has a non-electric engine, power output of more that 200kW, or a higher top speed than 10km/h is considered a motorcycle and thus must meet traffic laws and ADR compliance.

    In 1999 NSW regulations had it as a motorcycle if it produced more than 200kW, but they may have also very recently tightened that description like Victoria did.
  4. i'm glad they did there were some morons kruzing melbourne footpaths on those things
  5. wow, 200kw, I want one of those monkey bikes !!
    maybe 200 Watt is actually what you mean ,mouth ?

  6. Not so much a monkey bike, more of a Gorilla Bike! :LOL:
  7. Hey all :)
    From what I understand the verdicts still out on this one.
    I work in a legal centre, and we get HEAPS of people calling up saying theyve gotta go to court for driving an 'unlicenced' and 'unreg'd' vehicle. But from what I know the RTA wont classify these smaller machines as 'vehicles' so that they can be reg'd.
    What this means is that you cant register it, but the cops can (and are) handing out penalty notices.
    Basically, theres no clear answer, but bottom line is if you get a fine or court attendance notice and you dont reckon you should have, you have to elect to go to court to contest it, and realistically, youd probably need legal advice on defending it.
    Hope this (rather poor) info helps! :)