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Pocket Bike Hire (Vic)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FALCON-LORD, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. I know that down at South Morang they used to have there MiniGP bikes that you could hire but I cant find any website or other information confirming that it can still be done.
    So… Does any one know where you can hire pocket bikes in or around Melbourne?

  2. I'm pretty sure you can still hire pocket bikes at The Track 365 McDonalds Rd South Morang.
    We ride out motards there every couple of weeks and share with private karts, pockets, mini tards and then the hire karts and hire pocket bikes.
    Just give them a call to check 9436 9100.
  3. hey ya buddy i have 2 pocketbikes ya can borrow i used to race at south morang- all ya have to do is get them starting again --not been started for 12months- :cool:
  4. Hey Mars.
    Thanks for the offer I may take you up on that at some point.
    I was more thinking of half a dozen bikes, I have a mate who gets a bunch of people together to do stuff (Stuff being described as carting, skirmish blokey stuff) and was going to suggest mini GP (If they are hiring them out)