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Pocket Bike Club in Victoria

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FormerUser3, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. This event is run by the Victorian Pocket Bike Association Inc.

    If anyone has a pocket bike in Victoria and want to have a bit of fun, come down to Auscarts every fortnight on a Wednesday and have a squirt.

    50 Salmon Street
    Port Melbourne Victoria.

    Starts between 8.30–9.00pm and finishes at midnight.
    Bring your pocketbike and protective gear, and away you go.

    Dates for 2006 are;
    January 4th & 18th
    February 1st & 15th
    March 1st, 15th & 29th
    April 12th & 26th
    May 10th & 24th
    June 7th & 21st
    July 5th & 19th
    August 2nd & 16th
    September 13th & 27th
    October 11th & 25th
    November 8th & 22nd
    December - Santa will bring you a new Pocket bike.


    Length: 450 m
    Corners: 12

    For more information visit www.vpba.com.au
  2. sounds like alot of fun
  3. Time to buy a pocket bike i think. :)
  4. It was all sounding good up until he mentioned Auskarts.

    I had trouble keeping the Kart out of the wall, imagine me on a pocketbike :LOL:

    But I think we should orgy-nise a Wed night of spectating.
  5. You can hire a bike if you like, actually if you come I will lend you a bike.
  6. i have a pocket chopper, not very good on the corners lol.
  7. Sounds like fun!! :grin:
  8. A bit of an update, if you are interested in coming down and hiring a bike, Moto Heaven will hire you a bike for about $40 per hour approx.

    That's a cheap hour of thrill if you ask me.

    Just Call them on Ph (03) 9557 MOTO to book.

    The club will soon have an outdoor track onboard, we hope to start racing outdoor in September, just in time for the nice weather.

    More details can be found here http://www.vpba.com.au