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PNUT managing Mornington Kawasaki. God save us.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Loz, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Netrider's own Deano has very quickly made the leap from cabin boy at Moto One to standing proudly in a state of dignified panic at the helm of Mornington Kawasaki, where he can be reliably expected to steer it into an iceberg.

    Starting yesterday, he's taking some time to get his head around his new role but is looking forward to opening the store up for Netrider Shopping Nights(tm) and having plenty of company from annoying pricks like yourselves who are heading up Arthur's Seat on a weekday.
    I for one welcome our new pantsless emperor and look forward to many unreasonably generus staff discounts in the not-too-distant future.

    Congratulations PNUT! You, sir, are a clown.

  2. Congrats Deano.

    I'll be around for lunch soon.. :wink:
  3. My local shop employs the PNUT, should be good I think?

    Now do I get a Netrider discount???
  4. Oh, don't ring him and hassle him for a bit during hours, give him a week or so before we unleash the Netrider beast on his poor employers.
  5. Ha his employers will be glad he's there, stops me hassling them now!
  6. Yeah not to bad a leap at all. I have oz super bike riders around me all day long :biker:
  7. Congrats. Time to get rid of the Firestorm now???
  8. Good on ya Deano! :grin:

    Well Deserved.
  10. Hehehe.. Pnut has to wear a green shirt.. :p :LOL:

    (You actually look comfortable behind a counter mate.. :? )
  11. Congrats, Deano, hope it works out well for you.
  12. Congrats mate - hope it goes well and the service standards lift from my previous experiences there :wink:
  13. Thats why im there :grin:
  14. Congratulations Dean :)
  15. good stuff PNUT ;)
  16. Well Done Dean, it must be great with a job like that in your backyard.
    Hope it all works out for you and you kick some arse.
    So does this mean the Firestorm might be retired for a green machine :)
  17. Great - I might start coming back then :)
  18. Coooooool! Congrats man, hope it's right up your alley!.... (why does this seem like dejavu'... I've said this to you before?!???!?!)

    It's a helluva loong ride from Altonameadows, but what the heck!

  19. i hope i can buy spare parts at a discounted price :grin:
  20. They aren't a partner therefore not expected to be a discounter