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PMCC Funday & Raceschool - 14/8/2010

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by parko, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Hi All...

    Anybody going to the PMCC Funday & Raceschool on 14/8?


    I haven't seen the usual posts yet here on netrider regarding the day and was wondering if anybody might be heading up. The last two times I've been there's been a good showing from the netrider crowd.
  2. Does one need to be a member of pmcc to attend and also can this be done while on L's?
  3. Yeah, you need to become a member, insurance reasons I guess... It's only $30 extra though! You also need to purchase a 1 day license for $20 and then there is the $110 fee.

    Not sure about the L's though... the person to contact from PMCC is Tracey Davies on 03 53347522 or 0438 347000 or track84@chariot.com.au

    Also I think a requirement is to have full 1 piece or 2 piece leathers.
  4. Hi,
    If you are not a member of PMCC, the cost of joining PMCC,for 12 months, is included in the entry fee. If you are a member of another affiliated Motorcycling Victoria Club, you will be issued with a gratis PMCC membership for the day.

    You do not need any sort of road licence to participate on the day.

    A one day licence to participate in a motor sport activity, is issued to you on the day and included in the entry fee.
  5. Also on the day I will be running suspension & handling classes, all are invited, if you're not riding on the track, the classes are FREE

    Just incase you've always wanted know what all the adjustments on your suspension do, and how they affect the handling/feel of your bike.
  6. As far as I'm aware many proper racers have collected the laurels without holding a drivers/riders licence at the time. Rossi, Caparossi, Stoner, Pedrosa, quite amusing.........well to me anyway. There have been some local lads too even way back when my father was involved with a bit of race bike tuning.
  7. bazza, how would road racing would exist if the entrants had to hold a valid driving licence?
  8. Sorry you've lost me.
  9. This Race track intro and Race School is looking good.......

    The instructers include the likes of Shannon Johnson, Steve Tozer, Robbie Phillis and many other fine road racers who have a gift of sharing knowledge.

    there are two groups:

    Novice, which is for people who just want to experience riding on the track, with no pressure to start road racing.

    The Race School, which is for people who wish to hone and expand there road race skills.

    The cost is $110 for the day

    If you are not a member of an affiliated M.V. club, a one year membership to the Preston MCC is available for $30.00

    A one day licence is $20, if you are not a current holder of a Motorcycling Victoria licence.

    Gates open at 7am, sign on from 7.30am, classes and track time commence at 9am.

    Garage allocation is first in, best dressed.

    A hot lunch, refreshments and a bbq at the end of the day is included in the cost.

    Hope to see a few netrider there.
  10. I'll be there!

    Anybody else riding up and want meet on the way? The car I was going to use to trailer up my bike has been commandeered for family pursuits so now I'll have to brave the cold cold morning :-(
  11. I just heard from the locals at Broadford, was sunny all day today, apparently little or no rain expected over the weekend so I am told.

    Also a reminder, I will be running free suspension & handling classes between my own testing sessions if anyone is interested in knowing more about the adjusters on their suspension.
  12. Hey Johnny O,

    Sunny for the W/E on the track, perfect! And I'll definitely be there to learn all I can about bike suspension, seems to be a bit of an art to it!
  13. Once again an awesome day on the track hosted by the PMCC, thanks! Also thanks Johnny O for the suspension work on the gixxer, hopefully my "tweaking" doesn't stuff it up to much!

    Can't believe it though, I was (am) knackered from the track work and rode pretty slowly home, gave the bike a wipe down and when rolling it back in the garage to park I $#@ dropped the thing! I was sitting on it and had a total brain fade and just totally forgot to put the stand down! Fortunately the oggy knob, my left leg and the stator cover prevented any scratches. Unfortunately, it fell against a padded bench which caused the left hand mirror to fold in to the screen and smash it! Arrrrgghhh! #$#@!!!! ](*,):censored::tantrum::cry::mad::facepalm::oops::(

    PS. Anybody know who was taking the photos today?
  14. Feel free to ask me anything, anytime, if I can help I am happy to. Hopefully you'll remember me when you become a factory rider and give me free tickets to come watch?
  15. Oh Parko, what bad luck!
    Here are the details of the photographers at Broadford over the weekend.


    Try and keep up to date on this, but if anyone knows of any one else that has some good pics they are willing to share, please ask them to post their details on the Preston web site.
  16. Factory... apparently you work at an Aprillia store. If so then, to get things moving perhaps some sort of deal could be made which involves providing me with one of those nice RSV4 factory machines! I'm sure I could give Max a run for his money (assuming I got a 9.5 lap headstart in a 10 lap race!) :)
  17. Awesome day. Had a ball. Thanx to Johnny O for your help.
  18. I wasn't involved in the school so much this time and didn't get a chance to help others so much as I was busy testing my own bike. Anytime that anyone needs help I am happy to help, please feel free to introduce yourself and I am happy to help with anything.