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Plz Help - Any mobile mechanics in Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by nightriderz, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Hey, hooray to me.. i just got my learners.. decked out with all the gear.. bought my bike a week ago and it arrived yesterday..

    I tried to start it last night.. it cranked but then died.. i tried again.. cranked and died.. today i went to freedom mechanics in brookvale and he said it could be a number of problems so it would be best if i brough it in for him to look at.. only problem is.. i have no way of transporting it to him..
    And yes ive tried it with choke.. ive tried push starting it.. ive considered that it could be a spark problem.. and lol dont know what else to do..

    So does anybody know of a mobile mechanic in Sydney that caters to the Manly vale/ northern beaches area.. or has any other thoughts on how i can get my bike started.. basically this is what happens when i start it..

    Turn on igntion.
    Turn on run switch
    push start..

    engine starts to crank over.. and the exhaust will make a lound bang noise like a car backfiring..

    Any ideas... HELP ME PLZ>.. lol i beg of u..

    Hope someone can help me..
  2. It sounds like you've flooded the carbs mate.

    Turn the choke OFF.

    Hold the throttle twist grip fully OPEN, twist it all the way back.

    Hold the start button for about five seconds at a time.
    No more or you'll flood the battery.

    Go and try that. I'll pm you my mobile number, give me a ring and I'll talk you thru some other stuff.
  3. since its night time perhaps take your bettery out and put it on a charger.
    try again tomorrow.

    if you got a click click click sound, it would be battery.

    as for transporting if your a member of nrma they can transport for you if its battery they may be able to get you started.

    if battery, you will find that push start may not work as there is no charge to spark :)
  4. Im in allambie heights if ya get stuck give me a call tomorrow if things dont work out will try to help ya. Cheers Paul : will post my number if ya need it
  5. Most likely you have flooded carbs.
  6. You say it ARRIVED ,so im guessing no a truck/ute .

    I know shit about bikes ,but when i got mine delivered ,and the guy went to start it ,it wouldn't ,then he turned the FUEL TAP to the ON position.

    I "think" they might carry the bikes in the utes with the fuel off.

    But you probabley know about the fuel tap ,i wouldn't of :oops:
  7. Ah ha, it was delivered yes...hmmm...perhaps apart from checking that the fuel is ON...also turn the fuel tap under the petrol tank (left hand side)
    to RESERVE, perhaps it's got only a little fuel in it.

    We've all tried to start bikes on FULL when actually there is only RESERVE fuel in the tank.

    If that works, go fill up with petrol, set trip meter back to zero, next time you go on reserve, check the trip meter to see how kilometers you got with a full tank, that way, if you reset the trip meter every time you fill up you will be able to guesstimate when reserve is going to occur in the future.
  8. thanks for your help everyone... yeah i new about the reserve button on the side from my learners course.. so that was the first thing i did.. My battery is pretty flat at the moment so im going to go charge my battery at my mates place then put it back in this afternoon.. its producing 11.93 volts currently an di know it needs to be over 13volts.. so my mate said it should take roughly 2 - 3 hours to give a good charge..

    And then i probably going to call you jaqhamma if i still dont get it.. so thanks for giving me you number look out for a call around 4:30ish if u aint busy.. Thanks for everyones help..
  9. Hey pil.. if you dont mind could u pm your number to me.. jsut for another opinion if i still have troubles this afternoon..