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plz feedback

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by clem88, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Hey just thought id sighn up to a chat site as id like to learn as much as I can about bikes. Ive been riding for about 4months ive got a gpx 250 I already taken it to high 140 ks and was only on about 7 thou revs and ive read the top.speed only 155ks it felt like I could do at lrast 180. Anyway that was just a test. Im worried I made the wrong decision I almost bout a cbr 250 2011 20,000 on the clock but turnef it down beacause the 1 cylinder felt like I got more power out of the gpx with 2 its 91 been fixed up by a kawasaki race mechanic with 35,000km and half the price. Did I make a wrong choice. I already am looking at getting a r6 or gsx600

  2. The GPX is a great bike to learn on, the only exception being if you're of a fairly substantial body size.

    I would suggest that with only 4 months riding experience you would be wise to keep closer to the speed limits and especially not to brag about it on a forum that's also read by the police. You are not remotely as anonymous as you might think, and with only four months in the saddle I doubt you're as capable as you seem to think, either. There's more to being a competent rider than you might think at first glance, much more than they teach you in the pre-learner course. Take your time and you'll be riding for life, push too hard too early and you're likely to end up in the obits.
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  3. I wasnt braging im just asking for information if anyone else has found this I have only riden road bikes for that long. Im not a stupid showoff I know I got a lot to learn thats why Im asking for feedback.
  4. And I like to get to the speed limit quickly I know to not push my limits too quick I know a few people that have accidents 5 years ago and still having dramas. But it seems most of the time the car or other vehicles fault
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  5. Feedback? Ok. How about this: Cool your jets and slow down before someone in a red and white truck has to hose you off the back of a truck. Road riding and dirt riding are very different in a lot of areas and it will take you more than 4 months to even start to learn proper roadcraft.

    As for the bike, a well tuned and well ridden GPX250 is more than capable of costing you your license for a long time. Ride it poorly or with poor roadcraft skills and it can cost you your life.

    Since it is likely to come up for you, "excessive acceleration" will get you fined just as easy as excessive speed.
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  6. Ok it seems just beacause I wrote the speed up which im sure everyone has done over the speed limit so why you hating on me. I dont flog it every second only when I take it for ride not comuting. I asked for feedback on why I was close to what they said was topspeed and felt it could do more. And opinions on cbr 2011 over the gpx.
  7. clem88clem88 your post just mentioned how fast (and against the law) you had your bike.

    You didn't mention much about the ride itself, how it handled, how it felt besides the fact that you thought you could go faster.
    What kind of advise did you expect from your statement?

    Perhaps if you pointed out some things you liked, and disliked, about your bike and why the CBR might have been a better option then someone who owns a CBR could give your their 2 cents.

    Bike preference is a personal thing too. So the better bike, unless blatantly obvious (better build etc), comes down to personal opinion.

    Was cost the only thing that split the 2? Did you ride and/or sit on both of the bikes to get an idea of what you wanted/liked?

  8. Let's start with the simple stuff, clem88. Telling you to slow down until you get some skills and experience under your belt is NOT "hating on you", it's giving you good advice that will help keep you alive long enough to actually develop your roadcraft. With only four months experience you should have no idea how fast that bike will go, and if you insist on trying to find out at this stage in your riding life you're likely to end up a Darwin Award nominee. Give it some time, do some further training and get a lot more experience and you'll be able to handle a bike much better. THEN take that bike to a track day and find out what she'll do. Don't do it on the road.
    Don't ignore my comment about excessive acceleration, either. It's a quick way to get yourself some nasty fines.
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  9. [QUOim E="RRdevil, post: 2807924, member: 39930"] cid_137(1). [/QUOTE]
    All I was asking was what other people think of the two bikes. Yeah I have ridden both I boght the gpx. I just heard better things and felt more comfortable on the gpx. But not riding any road bikes before these I wanted to other ppls opinion. Forget I said the speed any grassies on here I dont wanna talk to you.
  10. That was to juz
  11. Welcome clem88clem88. Maybe just breathe a bit and try again.
    The comments above are because you came on a bit strong with the speed thing and it appears (probably incorrectly) that speed is the most important thing to you.

    FWIW the folks who've responded are pretty knowledgable and are trying to put you on the right track e.g. skill before speed.

    We all love the speed, we don't always announce it on a public forum.

    Good luck with your riding.
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  12. You will never know who are police and who aren't, not here, not watching any video you put up on YouTube, not anywhere.
    You also plainly asked how fast the bike would go. I owned an '88 model, my second bike. I learned a lot about tuning and speeding fines on that bike. It will go faster than you are capable of safely handling at your current skill level. That's all you need to know right now. Learn from other people's mistakes before you are incapable of making any more of your own.
  13. Yeah im just saying the truth i coulda said ive got 20 years experience on a r1. All im doing is asking people who know more than me. So I can keep enjoying riding knowing a lil more. I didnt think it mattered how quick you got to speed limit as long as your not spining back wheel or on the back wheel.
  14. At the risk of seeming to beat you over the head with this, I'm going to beat you over the head with this all over again. Reread the above two replies, and then consider the first one all over again, slightly rewritten.

    This is tough love here, not "hating on you".

    My apologies to Dark AngelDark Angel for (mis)use of your words.
  15. Thanks I know probly everyone on this site better rider than me.
  16. I genuinely wouldn't assume that, there are shite riders who have ridden for years. Stick around - you'll learn loads.
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  17. I plan to I knew there were gonna be some people who dont like the things I say but just not from that. Ive never sighned up for a forum. Thanks for not treating me like a kid cuz im no professional
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  18. are you hot?
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