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Plush as hell ironbutt seat for a CB400SF?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LineNoise, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Wonder who people would recommend I talk to about this in Melbourne?

    Decided I'm going to be hanging onto my CB for the long haul so figured I may as well lash out, particularly given I'm planning a big trip later in the year with more than a few 1000+ km days.

    Haven't had much joy finding anyone doing an off the shelf so I realise I'm probably talking custom. Happy to spend a bit as I'm sure my arse will be thanking me about day 3.

  2. Have you looked at Airhawks? I got one for my blade, been on trips to the central coast and back from up here and didn't get a sore arse once. Without it I get sore after about 150-200kms
  3. Hi LineNoise,
    I've done a few long rides with the distances you mentioned and found seat was ok. Obviously everyones behind and amount they can stay in the saddle is different. I've seen these guys in many bike mags and heard lots of positives about them. Let us know what you end up doing.

    Australian Cumfy Motorcycle Seats
    5 East Street, Hadfield VIC 3046
    (03) 9306 6940
  4. Have you considered a Corbin seat?
    Bit pricey and I don't know if they make one for your model.
    Their seats are not soft at all, in fact they feel harder than the standard seat, but it's all in the shape.
    I find them realy comfortable
    I 've bought one for for the last three bikes I've had.
    I've sold the bikes with their original seats and then sold the seats seperatley thus recouping half the original outlay.
  5. "plush" is not really what you want.
    airhawks are good in hot weather, long distances on slab. they suck on twisty roads.

    gel insert if you get the right sort done properly something you should definately consider. theres heaps of trimmers in around Melbourne who will sort it for you. but the better known ones overcharge heavilly for their services.

    i got mine done here > (Johno, top bloke, trumpy fanatic) http://www.bitchinstitch.com/

    he's not too far from you, just a small operator
    all i wanted was something basic and utilitarian, nothing fancy, my bike is just a daily hack really.
    so i went with cheapish vinyl, which might see a few good years. the gel insert itself costs the dollars, even when bought in bulk from the states, the good stuff is costly.
    but anyway, he did me a very reasonable price and i'm really happy with the seat now. honestly no soreness of stiffness or numbness ever, though i don't do iron butt, but occassional day in the saddle.
    you need to talk through with him what you want, because a lot can be done to make the seat perfect for you. sculpted to suit you and your riding position.

    anyway, that's just one recommendation, thumbs up for Johno.
    gel insert is the way to go though.
  6. corbin seats are difficult to import (can be done) the distributor here protects his business... and pricey ? oooh yeah.
  7. I'm not a fan of Corbin seats, they have heavy basically hand made fibreglass bases and the finish under the seat looks quite amateur like, considering the price they charge not good at all.

    I've got a Sargent seat on my bike and they have a proper plastic base (they supply that) and the finish on top of the seat is better than Corbin as well IMHO.

    They also are hard and take a couple of thousand kms to bed into your butt shape but once they do most people can do long rides without issue, certainly I can. It doubled my distance before numb bumb syndrome set in.
  8. I do iron butt rides and have a lambswool seat cover,
    700 t0 900 kays days are common for me, And I dont get the numb bum,
    Commonly referred to as the dead wombat on my bike,
    Johno is very good as well.
  9. Cheers guys.

    As far as I can tell none of the usual big brands make a CB400 seat. I've certainly not had much luck finding anyone who is anyway.

    Think I'll have a chat to Johno, looks the go.