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Plus ULP

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jazzthechef, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. My local servo recently changed over so now they have reguler unleaded and this plus unleaded which has a higher octane level but a lower flash point. well thats what they guy told me. anyway what affect will this have on my yet to be purchased bike? looking at a road trail yamaha.

  2. You will find that most modern bikes will prefer to be run on 98 ron fuels.

    You can run 95 ron on most bikes though

    Unless of course your servo is going to stock +5 or +10 fuels (ethanol mixed)
  3. from memory there standard is 91 and the plus is 95. should i just avoid these and use a different servo?
  4. Is it a "United" servo by any chance? If so the the plus means 10% ethanol. Don't put it anywhere near your bike.
  5. Sounds about right Seany.

    Plus means 91 + ethanol, which has a higher octane rating than petrol.
  6. My K loves the Shell V Power Racing with the 5% Ethanol.
    Runs like a demented devil ;)

    I prefer to use Synergy 8000 though
  7. I think any ethanol is a problem in any jap bike. Something about alloy castings not liking it. Must remember japs have kickass 100ron fuel.

    Euro bikes would probably handle ethanol though. Maybe.

    I only run 98 in my r1.
  8. Be careful and don't breathe the fumes - look what it did to Vic. :LOL:

    (and that's not a real K, good though it is, - real K's have 4 cylinders inline down not across, weigh a tonne and last forever :p :LOL: )
  9. Oy vey, octane ratings again. ;)

    General rule of thumb - run the octane rating recommended by the manual.

    If the manual recommends 95 octane, run 95 octane.
    If it recommends 98, 98.

    Running excessively high octane won't net you any more power (but will improve acceleration by reducing the weight of your wallet). The bike/car won't make any more power if it doesn't have the means to take advantage of the higher octane.

    Running less can either cause pinging/detonation and subsequent engine damaage, or if the bike's intelligent enough to have an anti-knock sensor it'll just retard the ignition timing to protect itself, giving you less power.

    High octane fuel != magically more power. (In fact the high-octane fuel has slightly less specific energy than lower octane fuels)
    High octane fuel = the ability to have crazy high compression, boost and ignition advance, which create more power.

    FWIW, (re: "Euro bikes" above) Triumph's modern bikes are designed to be compatible with 10-15% ethanol, but Triumph warns against any higher than that.
  10. As does Europe - doesn't mean every vehicle they make needs it though.
    In fact a lot of Japanese bikes (and cars) are designed to run just fine on standard 91 - since that's what the US market wants.
  11. I put 95 from a bp in the cbr1000rr 07 and It seems to be more responsive than the 98 ( 98 pump out of order and it wasn't a Tuesday) and it seems to idle a little lower as well ... :? any idea as why.