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Plumbing wage rates

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by P J, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. I am interested in applying for a Sprinkler Fitter Apprenticeship

    So I was doing a bit of research last night and came across the pay rates for Sprinkler Fitters on the Plumbing Unions website . The page is listed below
    (please put the normal ,ht......wwww. etc infront)plumbers.cepu.asn.au/indrel-wagerates-sprinkler-fitters.php

    For each section Registered fitter to 1st year Apprentice, they have listed an "All Purpose Weekly Rate" but following this are a list of allowances and at the bottom a total ( which is the allowances added to the weekly wage ) .

    My question is as a 1st Year apprentice what would my actual weekly pay be ? ( ie would it be $494 or $750).

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate it and sorry for being so off topic.

    Thanks PJ
  2. hope for the lowest
  3. Why ? :? :? :shock:
  4. Apprentice rates = please **** me up the arse.
    On the other hand you then you then get to charge out the arse when you are fully qualified.

    But anyway from what I can gather from that table, $494.28 is the base rate and then you may get more in allowances such as $51.49 extra if you travel more than 45mins a day and so on...
  5. Is that after or before tax? If it's take home after tax, then the latter is more than I earn as a primary school teacher. Even before tax it'd be damn good for an apprentice.

    For the most part, apprentice wages are shit, but next to nothing in pay is a lot easier to handle than a 15,000 HECS debt to repay so don't worry about it. 4 years from now you'll be earning good money. :)

    4 years from now the government will still refuse to negotiate an award for me so I'll have moved interstate.
  6. If you get an apprenticeship working with a union based company, then the wages are great compared to just normal award wages. eg normal roof plumbing 1st year apprentice will get around $300 a week, but goto a roofing company that is on the EBA list and does union sites the allowances you get would take a 1st year app upto $500 a week.. It can depend on the job and what risks you have to take etc. so I'll keep using roofing as an example, you might be doing a massive job for 6 months thats really high and get a good allowance for the height factor, then the next 6 months your wage might be lower if your not working so high...

    I imagine it would be the same with sprinkler fitters and union sites... I went for a job with a big commercial roofing company once while still in my 1st year, the money was very enticing. But I decided to stick with my low payed domestic roofing job...

    I'm now off the roofs and doing caravan plumbing. My boss is paying me above award, but still nowhere near what a 2nd year would get on a union roofing site...

    Plumbing is a great trade, DO IT, even if you only get $300 a week I recommend you suck it up and do it..
  7. It's an apprenticeship. You know shit, you get paid to learn. You start off being paid very little because you're useless to them, they are investing in you for teh next four years.
    A trade is a great thing to have, but you MUST be interested in it, don't do it for a couple of years and get bored with it.
    You will need the interest to sustain the first 3-4 years of relatively poor pay.
    By the way, I started on $141 and change a week...........

    Regards, Andrew.