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Plugging radiator host fitting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Rip, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I recently picked up a replacement radiator for my CBR, from a later CBR929. The problem is, it has an extra fitting for an oil cooler hose (~10mm). Does anyone have any ideas for plugging it, short of getting it welded up? Quick and dodgy fixes considered...

  2. Will the fitting be seeing pressure? Oil or coolant? Is it a barbed fitting (hose pushes on) or a threaded one?

    For a barbed fitting, I'd find or buy a piece of rubber hose rated for whatever fluid it sees, and hose clamp it onto the fitting. Then I'd find a bolt that is a force fit into the hose, push it into the hose end and hose clamp the shit out of that too.

    Then I'd keep an eye on it for the next couple of thousand km to make sure that it's not working loose.
  3. Barbed fitting on the radiator outflow side. The first try was a bit of hose kinked then hoseclamped, but that didn't quite seal.
  4. Yeah. Sort of works as a get-you-home but is generally unsatisfactory. You need to plug it and I suggested a bolt because they're probably the easiest thing to get hold of in a useful range of diameters. They also have the advantage that if you put a hose clamp around the threaded bit, it gives some bite and discourages the thing from working its way out. You'll probably need a second clamp around the smooth shank in order to seal properly though.
  5. as above PLUS, you can try the plumbing glue shit on the bolt end [if thats where the leak is]