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Plugging Bike Tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ANDO, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Has any ever had a flat tyre and just plugged it to get a bit more use outta It. I only just recently bought a new tyre and I have a slow leak due to an annoying nail. Im thinkin of pluggin it for at least two weeks till I can get a new one, but have heard youve gotta be real carefull when cornering hard. Any one had similar experiences?????

  2. TAKE IT TO I mean take it to a tyre joint (like Treads n Things in Ringwood, $50 to plug it (good job, should last a while) or do it yourself, but most of the kits disclaim only a few hundred kms use after that.
  3. yeh theirs a tyre place down the road from where i work, but he didn't seem like he knew wat he was doin. thanks for the reply, i jus wanted to know if it would last. the worst thing is the suns shinin and i got a flat tyre!!!!
  4. I've taken a bike tire to a normal car tire place to get them repaired and have ridden on it for a while after that. You can't push as hard (they will lose their speed rating with a plug) but if you are just enjoying a leisurely cruise or commuting it should be fine. Only problem with a car tire place is that they often will ask you to take the tire off (as they don't do motorbikes).

    (p.s. the place I've used is the Bridgestone Tyre, Centre Road, Bentleigh. Charged me $20 all up).
  5. Firstly you can ride with a plugged tyre till it's life runs out, not just a couple of hundred k's. I've done it mulptiple times and this is on a 1000cc sportsbike which does not go easy on it's hoops. Whoever told you you have to take it easy on corners with a plug needs to get themselves plugged from talking too much bullsh@#.
    Secondly you should be able to get one done for much cheaper then $50...a plug should cost you an extra $15 to $20 on top of a tyre change
    so about $35 bucks to get it plugged is what you should be expecting.
  6. Thanx guy's, I went to a bike shop that said they would have a look, he found three bits of nail and said it would have to plug it three times.

    He suggested just putting a tube in, so thats what I done. $45 later and im good to go :)

    one question, how long will the tube last in a tubless tyre?

    thanx again ;)
  7. I got ripped then :evil:

    Paid $54 a fortnight ago.. I thought it was abit steep at the time
  8. I had 3-4 nails in one tyre well within the first 1000km and had them plugged at the shop. Rode the tyre until it wore out. No problems.
  9. You got ripped?

    I just got a*&e pumped with an unlubricated cactus. I paid $ 60.00 dammit!! :evil:

    Goes and kicks wall.
  10. :D :D :D We all learn.
  11. Don't rely on a plug if the puncture is in the sidewall, and installing a tube has a drawback: if you get a puncture with a tube she's going to deflate real fast and scare the s£*t out of you.
  12. first of all, nobody should be repairing any tyre with a sidewall puncture.

    Second, you might want to be a little careful about not overheating that tyre with the tube inside that is not designed to have one there.
  13. I put around 5000 k's on plugged tyre. Lot's of hard rides, commuting and long distance stuff. No problem