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Plug for Madbiker

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by OscarA, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Have to give Brett at Madbiker a huge plug.
    I wasn't sure where to get the major service done on my VTR250. I'm still fairly new to the bike scene so haven't dealt with bike mechanics before and didn't want my first experience to be a bad one.
    I checked this site for recommendations and Madbiker got a few good plugs.
    Just got back from picking the bike up and what a difference. Bike feels so much smoother to ride.
    I had a major service (as Brett said I got the hamburger with the lot) valves checked, compression check all the fluids changed, spark plugs replaced, new back brake pads, new chain, new front tyre and a few other odd bits adjusted.
    I couldn't be happier and the best bit was I was told what it would cost upfront so no hidden surprises when I picked the bike up.

    I will be going back for future services.

    Hope this link is ok with the mods

  2. Yep, I think he's the best, I have never had a bad experience with Brett. By the way Oscar, keep his mobile handy, if you ever get stuck or broken down somewhere, text him for recovery. I did at 10:30 one Tuesday night in Altona. Sensational.
  3. +1 - looked after me when I lived down there.
  4. yep, also +1
    top mechanic
    all the cool people go to Brett
  5. they do indeed. :beer:
  6. he's had a few specials lately. eg.
    Mini road / dirt bike service $99- inc prem oil, K&N filter, full checkover, service controls...
    Coolant & brake fluid change $99- (strongly recommended every 2 years).
  7. How is he making any money with prices like these?
  8. Dunno - almost captive market out there for anyone who doesn't want to go to PS?
  9. he might not be. hence it is a special.
  10. Yeah, its called a loss-leader. Lose some money pulling people in, but gain money in the long term when they come back to you for other stuff.
  11. I'm going out on a limb here, but given E2W ran a free motorcycle health check day, and afaik continues to offer free chain adjustments, I'd say he understands the concept!
  12. and then jump on to the interweb forums and post up a plug and others highly recommend... smart business move!!
  13. Hi Azz, you don't know me, but let me tell you I would only talk about a service provider if I had actually been a receiver of said service (or a victim of same). This guy has shown me nothing but exemplary service, therefore I am an advocate. Trust me, if someone screws me (like PS have on one or two occasions) an I can turn ugly.

    Re: the special offers, they were sms'd to his database of existing customers, so I would assume that he was extending an in-house offer not loss leading.

  14. same here.

    and anyway, Brett is MY mechanic!
    I found him first!
    and Brett likes me the best!

    you guys go get your own mechanic :-$
  15. Lets all calm down. My post wasnt a dig a Brett at all it was more me thinking out loud. From looking at the Madbiker website and hearing the feedback Brett looks like someone I'd take a bike to for a service. We all have our ways to get customers in the door and yes my open day with all the give aways cost about a grand out of my pocket but was well worth it. The important thing is that all you guys look to the the non-francised workshops as an option for your servicing and repairs, dont believe the bullshit about loosing your warranty that the big players throw around, and support the small guys. Chances are you get twice the service at around half the price.

    PS: Glad to see one of the mods has finaly seen sence and taken the block away that used to exclude the word 'madbiker' from this forum.
  16. What an intelligent post. Do you seriously believe that!!