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Plug for BikeBiz

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by PatB, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Last Friday, I ordered a run-out HJC CL14 helmet from BikeBiz. In spite of the fact that I'm on the other side of the continent, it was ready to collect from my local post office the following Wednesday (would have been Tuesday if I lived in the metro area).

    Exactly as described, nicely packed and with an issue of CycleTorque tucked into the parcel.

    Ten out of ten for prompt service.
  2. + for us as well

    we just ordered the son a new KBC helmet
    and we have ordered stuff previously from them before as well

    always great service and friendly helpful people

  3. It's Good to hear recommendations from 'real' customers !
    Nothing worse than stores blowing their own trumpet.
  4. Been in there many times for parts & accessories and always got good service
  5. It's a shame that despite my expecting and always hearing BikeBiz are one of the best every time I've taken my bike in there or needed something from them they've left me incredibly disappointed. Unfortunately I wont return to them
  6. Unfortuately i'm with Icefire on that one

    though there IS a cutie working up in the accessories section :LOL:
  7. Yeah she is pretty cute, however seeing her doesn't counter being ripped off and lied to every time I go in :p
  8. Trev was pretty good help when i was buying first bike basics
    but don't get me started on the workshop...