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Pls Help needed on XVS 650 Gear box

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Guru, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Hi I am desperately in need of some help to fix my 2011 Yamaha XVS 650 Custom got it second hand from a guy without RWC done 9000 . Was happy with the test ride so paid for it and parked in my friends home close by. Picked up yesterday and noticed gear slipping to neutral from first to second and makes a clunky noise when changed to 2nd. Anyways took to for a RWC and the mechanic reckons it a 2000 - 4000$ fix he says he has to completely rebuild the gear box and he says he has to pull the motor out.

    I live in VIC i will be very happy if some one could give me a better quote or some idea to fix it. I am devastated and cant think straight at the moment.

    pl help
  2. best advice I can give is to give these guys & gal a call
    Sixty Degrees Motorcycles - motorcycle servicing melbourne

    top work great people great advice
  3. Thanks Jeff I've already taken my bike to these guys still waiting on a quote..
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  4. its gona hurt
  5. Sorry GuruGuru , but there's no "oh you just need to do xyz" fix for gearbox issues. It might not be a hideous expense, but until it's been taken apart you just don't know what's broke and if it's caused collateral damage. I had a bolt snap in the gearbox on an old Commodore I had. It held 5th gear in place, but I had to drive 200Km home and when the bolt head came off it went through the whole gearbox. The mechanic presented me with a handful of shredded gear teeth and the remains of two cogs when I picked the car up. There were broken teeth on almost every cog but only 5th was completely trashed. Had I just parked it right away the damage would have been a single bolt.

    For you the moral of the story is going to have to be: no RWC, no sale. I doubt you'll forget it any time soon.
  6. Thanks Dark Angel I am already thinking of doing a motor swap. But I have to get it looked at and weigh my options. I've never been stiffed like this ever before. Learned a valuable lesson for 5000$
  7. It just looks like a false neutral issue from 1st to 2nd. I tried playing with the clutch and it doesn't work. Still don't know is it's from clutch plates or its in the transmission..
  8. If your mechanical skill aren't up to the task, take it to the shop and just let them deal with it. Until the covers are off nobody really knows what's going on in there.
  9. Yep will do.. Thanks
  10. sounds like it might just need a bit of adjustment
  11. I am not sure just putting a question out there if anyone have had this issue..
  12. Mine is the classic which has a heel/toe shift lever. I often hit the heel section (which is the up shift) when placing my foot back on the floor board when starting to move in first. It often ends up in neutral and revs skyrocket. That shouldn't apply to the custom as it normally does not have a heel/toe shifter unless some one has put one on it. Incorrect clutch adjustment could account for clunking. Also mine clunks changing gears if I don't lightly pre-load the shifter.
  13. Mine just has one shift lever, it's form the rider. He must have thrashed it.
  14. Hey Guru,
    I had a 2010 650 custom and now have the 1100.
    These gearboxes are pretty finicky on what oil you use.
    How many km has it done ?
    When was the last oil change ?
    How old is the oil ?
    Is it full ?

    Mine used to get clunkier / notchier the older the oil got.
    I'd give it a clean out and try some new oil first before I'd take much notice of their quote.

    Then as above, get a good quote for the labour to remove and rebuild the gearbox if it is needed.
  15. Ok, so one of the answers was already there, it's done 9k.
    But if the oil hasn't been changed since the first 1k service then that's possibly the problem.
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  16. Might be worth having a look at the spline on the gear change shaft just to make sure it isn't slogged out or partially stripped. If it is then you can get your symptoms occurring.
  17. I've looked at the books the last service stamped was at 2500 and looks like nothing was done after. Thank you for this information Steve I will try this first..
  18. Thanks east coast cruiser I have already had it looked at the mechanics where I went for RWC it looks fine.
  19. Hey Steve does it make a clunkier noise when shifting from 1st to 2nd?. And have a had a problem of dropping in false neutral..
  20. the false neutral may be you not being positive enough on the shifter