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plod and speeding - accident black spot, i dont think so!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by insydney, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. so its a nice clear day, straight road about 1.5km in length, out of town not in a built up area, dual lanes in both directions, perfect visibility.... so what do you reckon the speed limit is? 70km !

    yep i'm talking about foreshore drive, botany. now the reason for this 'safe speed limit' is during the week (read m-f) there is active construction adjacent to the road on the extended docks project, however at the weekend, in the 'australian way' its all locked up and no one is on site and any risk of colliding with a JCB or a concrete truck is gone for 48hrs.
    BUT plod sees this as a perfect opportunity to raise funds for the upcoming xmas party.... lets face it it would be a monumental stretch of the imagination to suggest that going slightly above 70 km on this stretch of road (normally rated at 90km) can be seen as dangerous !

    how can pc plod justify pulling people in on this stretch of bitumen, why dont they go out and police real dangerous driving for a change. tailgaters, people sitting in the middle and outside lanes at 60km in 110 zones, people talking on the phone, boy (+girl)racer P platers that put everyone at risk, drivers that cant use a roundabout, four wheel drive owners with that F you i'm safe attitude... to name a few

    ok i feel a bit better now i'll climb down off the soapbox
    (btw luckily didnt get pinged myself cos i was expecting the devious bxxxxxxs to pull that trick, still makes my blood boil tho') :mad:
  2. The police's job is to enforce law. They don't set the speed limit.
  3. They're not random placements, they're there for a reason be it to curb speeding in a dangerous spot, protect workers, or simply make money. At the very best, the oxygen-thief on the end of the radar gun could claim to be brain dead, but that would be giving them too much credit.

  4. Yes this is true…
    But why enforce it where it does not improve public safety while there are so many places where you can both enforce the law and improve public safety…
    Wouldn’t this represent better allocation of resources?
  5. Unfortunately, the douchecanoes that make policy are more interested in making money than improving safety. If they wanted to improve safety, they'd be taking down tailgaters, people who don't use turn signals, and taxi drivers.
  6. You’re not going to hear an argument from me on this sentiment
  7. OMG.

    Target lawbreakers by behaviour rather than for revenue raising purposes?!?!?


    Council Fatcats can't then go and say they've stopped crime due to the amount of $$$ going up in their coffers!!!!
  8. Oh asbsolutely, but at the end of the day the cops have to do their job. I blame the people who set the limit low, not the poor buggers that get told to enforce it.
  9. Re: plod and speeding - accident black spot, i dont think so

    You got the list right. Damn, I've been so tempted to make up some very sticky stickers of late, which read: "Drive a polished 4x4 in the city? You're a wanker!" and doing night runs to leave on a certain type of vehicle. But I know I'd be getting nice guys too, who got sucked in but aren't wankers, or people who genuinely intended or do sometimes use it for its design. Maybe I'll just hook up that spray bottle of paint-stripper I've always thought about, and target the deserving!
  10. How about blaming the ranking officer back at the station who states where the camera should be set up…
    Mister Plod on the street won’t be saying “Hey I’ll set up a camera here todayâ€
  11. Mattb,

    I hear brake fluid on car paint works wonders also...
  12. You do not f*** with another man's automobile.

    Rules is rules.

    I don't care how righteous your little piece of environmental/road congestion/can't-see-around-them-at-intersections hatred of 4WD's is - you get caught messing with someone's vehicle, you deserve to have the shit kicked out of you.
  13. I dont know about your state, but in SA the police have literally nothing to do with setting up speed cameras.
  14. Bingo, but nothing wrong with opening up a door or raising a windshield wiper as you pass to let them know what a w@nk3r they are.
  15. I travel along that road a lot.... even 90km is a bit slow for what it should be.
    you have to remember that 90% of the population are clueless and therefore when laws and speed limits are placed they have to take this into consideration.

    I avoid speeding on this piece of road for the exact reason that it is far too convient for a copper to sit there. If u are on a piece of road and you think to yourself... "wow I could really open it up here" chance are thereis a copper just a little bit up the road thinking... "wow, I hope he opens it up here".
  16. For a start, they aren't really police officers... they are highway patrol... either cops who can't handle real police work (dealing with domestic violence all day is a draining profession) or who have an inbuilt arsehole gene... I try not to paint all cops with the same brush... HWP cops can suck the sweat of my scrote...

    but - the reason they don't target anything other than speeding is, it is about the only thing that easily stands up in court... imagine if you were a real cop (not HWP) and every time you gave someone a ticket for tailgating they took it to court said "was not" and the judge let them off...

    unfortunately, there is some burden of proof on the cops, and radar/laser fits nicely into that frame... "I have a radar gun, I have been trained to use it, it has been calibrated, and I saw him doing it while operating it as the manual" = gone...

    Of course, the flip side is... "I saw the motorbike, he changed lanes 3 times in 30 seconds, and I deemed it to be negligent"... without a burden of proof = me, gone, almost all of my commute home :) ...

    Totally agree tho... just breeds an attitude of 'anything goes as long as I do it at less than the speed limit'...

  17. While some HWP are no doubt, looking for the easy route (as many gov employees are) and yes, they are widely held in lower regard even by other police, there are some stirling coppers there that have to deal with the kind of grisly scenes only extremely high speed collisions can generate, fairly regularly.

    Honestly, cop bashing is rising to an all time high, but lets face it, it'd be a shit job. At least the speeding thing is a fair playing field, IE : if you dont speed, you wont get done....as opposed to the judgement calls like daewoo's example of negligent driving...you'd feel a hell of a lot harder done by getting done for a judgement call as opposed to something both you and I know is against the rules.

    Thems the rules, you dont need to like em, but at least you know em. Speed, get caught, too bad. Dont like the speed limit, lobby against it, rally community support.

    Honestly, Australia's going down the toilet because of people with very large mouths and very little motivation. Why not join the police, sign out a laser/radar, and use it in a place you deem more appropiate? That'd be just one little bit to help the "unfair" injustice you seem to have identified.
  18. If I was serious about doing this I wouldn't have posted up about it. But that rule is not absolute - a higher one is, you do not f*** with my safety, and when you do, well just be greatful it's a panel that cops it and not your body such as you were going to do to me. If that's righteous, well then it's so in the non-pejoritive sense! Interesting you see damage to a vehicle as warranting 'kicking the shit' out of a person! They're very different!
  19. Know who else were just doing their job? The SS.