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Plexus - Where to buy?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Haggismaen, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I've heard some great things about using Plexus to polish plastics, but I have no idea where to buy it. Anyone know a specific store (Repco, KMart etc) where you can buy it?

  2. Funny you should ask, I just did some leg work on that same question.

    Didn't look at the department stores.

    Any bike shop should have it for RRP of $25 (...take off $2.50 with NR discount... or more if you're super chummy with the shop)

    Any boat shop (lots of perspex and plastic to clean). $22+

    Any 4WD accessory shop if they deal with soft top canopies ~ $22+

    Any pilot/aviation gear shop $30!! (Cessna plastic must be special)

    Online from most online mc bike accessories stores... but once you add in delivery... becomes expensive.

    Online from most specialist car gear places... once you add in delivery, becomes expensive.

    Also from EBAY US: there's a store who does the large can for about $10 Aus... but once you add their shipping and handling charges... especially with the dollar sliding at the moment... break even with local prices is 4 cans.

    There's a guy on EBAY Aus selling it for $22 minimum, with a buy it now of $25, postage included.

    So I guess, for the one off can, with NR discount... ~$22 is the going rate.

    It's the ducks guts by the way.

    Some other alternatives: Mr Sheen, Maguires or Mothers plastic cleaning products...
  3. I get mine at bikebiz ,see if someone can get some next time there up here.
    You use it lightly so it last a while.

    It's great stuff ,I use it on my tank ,pipes ,seat every where. :cool:
  4. Plexus is my friend

    I love the stuff, Works wonders on my visor. I get it at MCAS in Parra but I see it in every bike shop I go too.
  5. Yep.

    Plexus is awesome on the visor!

    I got mine with some clear pvc blinds we have outside (same as cafe's etc). I'm far too lazy to clean the blinds so use it for the bike.
    Maybe try places like that?
  6. I heart Plexus. So very very much.

    robsalvv: that's great that you posted up all those suggestions of where to get it from. thanks!
  7. secret i know by working ina bike shop, to make your bike look pretti much brands new they use proshine. have no idea were to get this stuff but its the best trust me, that how they make bikes look like its new
  8. Autobarn and Plexus FTW!
  9. How does Plexus compare with CRC glass cleaner? (Use it on your teeth for that Miss Australia shine). Used it at the truck company I worked for, good for your toolbox, safety glasses, windscreen, anything with grease. Have a can I use for the helmet and the bike glass, works great.
  10. i got quoted $16 each but have to buy a box of 12. :grin:

    If you guys want to do that get from here http://www.azboats.com.au/
  11. i paid 10$ at a bike mechanics in SA

  12. Del, assuming you're talking about the big cans, I'll grab a half dozen, PM me, we'll talk turkey.


  13. In NSW you can get it @ Whitworths as well if the bike store doesn't have it.

    Been using it for years with microfibre cloths, and never a nasty scratch. fantastic stuff. Works great in the wet too, keeping all the crud off.
  14. I know a shop in Elizabeth St (Melb) that has it but I'm not allowed to tell :wink:
  15. Price at unnamed shop??