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Plexus and Shark Evoline helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by foxtwo, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Hey guys...

    I've been riding for a good three weeks now and have used Plexus to clean my visor as recommended by Peter Stevens.

    A few days ago I noticed that the coating on the outside of the visor is actually coming off, and it has gotten worse since I noticed it.

    It does not affect my vision, yet, seeing as it is at the bottom half of the visor.

    I went back to PS and asked them about it yesterday, the initial person wasn't sure so he asked someone else who I presume was the helmet/Shark specialist. He told me that Shark has recommended against the use of Plexus and suchlike products and just recommends soapy water instead. I asked him they can do about it, and he said they can't do anything.
    The only way for me to fix this is to buy a new visor... which is $80 at PS.

    Now my question is whether or not I could claim this on Shark warranty (haven't read the warranty information - so sorry if it's obvious) or if I should get in contact with PS again and get them to replace the visor for me?


    Foxy :)

    P.S. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, sorry, but it seemed to be the most appropriate one (because it's not a product review).
  2. shark won't do anything, and from what i've heard of PS they could easily have intentionally told you to use something which will stuff your visor, then said 'too bad' when it was actually stuffed
  3. :shock:

    you must have a brain the size of a pea
  4. i use plexus on my iridium visor though only a teeny amount and have'nt had any problems.
    maybe the way you've applied it, the cloth you've used.
    i do love the smell of plexus in the morning.

    dude, if you've only had the helmet for three weeks, could take it back and say you've only used soapy water as specified in the user manual.
    worth a shot i guess.
    shark visors are'nt cheap
  5. Been using plexus for years never had an issue
  6. soapy water and a good microfibre cloth
  7. Looks like that happened. I will be going back and asking to speak to someone there... if they don't do anything about it then I'll send off an e-mail to them and a CC to Shark. They are essentially providing false advise when they have been told by Shark that Plexus, etc.. may damage the helmet.

    Being new to the whole motorcycle experience I would, just like anyone else, expect that if you go to a dealer/shop and ask for advise they actually give you good advise.

    I have always applied it and polished it off with a clean microfibre cloth (not a paper towel/tissue).
  8. Yes I will be doing that from now on :)
  9. If you read the label on the inside of your helmet on the liner - it should say clean with a cold soapy water and a cloth or something like that

    should also sate it in you user manual and or the AS1698 card
  10. What "coating" is coming off exactly? I have this image of the protective plastic sticker peeling off...
  11. You mean the one where it says peel off before use and with all the images and crap on there? :p

    That's long gone ;)
  12. So it's a Shark visor thing? Arai iridium visors, and I'm guessing others too, scratch very easily but the stuff doesn't just wipe off. I use motul wash and wax on mine.
  13. Well whatever is on the outside of the visor just looks like it is peeling like when you have sunburn kinda thing.

    Depending on what it is I could "re-coat" it, I guess? It's probably cheaper to fork out $80 if it gets annoying/dangerous though. I don't notice it at all when riding, only when cleaning the visor.
  14. I use dish washing detergent at home, and out & about, usually just water and a soft (clean) cloth or paper towels, or whatever comes to hand.

    Visors today are a shitload better and more scratch resistant than they used to be. They cost a bit more, but I have used visors now for the life of the helmet. If you told me that in 1980 I would've fallen over laughing.
  15. I had exactly the same problem with a replacement BMW visor, although the original visor had been cleaned with Plexus for a couple of years without any problem. I got the expected "you shouldn't have used Plexus" when I took it back, until I pointed out their shelf full of Plexus cans in the showroom, and the lack of instructions that came with the ($110!!) BMW visor.

    Replacement made after 10 minutes of paperwork :)
  16. I reckon there must have been a bad batch of BMW visors a few years ago my latest one is a good one but my second one did the peel thing on the inside first oneness great until I scratched it on the garage door after trying to remove it standing underneath
  17. I lost the coating on a shark visor after I copped a big beetle in the middle of it. set like araldite and my amateurish attempts to get it off removed the coating as well. (I also used plexus on that one!). Plexus also leaves a wax layer I don't like. Now I use warm soapy water (not detergent)
  18. I've used Plexus on helmets in the past and had no problems. Then I found that the glasses cleaner you get at the optometrist works just as well and is a hell of a lot cheaper (I'm led to believe that it's actually just water with a little bit of metho in it).
  19. id swap visors with you as i dont care but mine has a few scratches.....

    no matter though as the helmet is fuc*ked now anyway... its literally fallen to bits

    id like the series 2, but i can afford to spend another 6-700 for another one i just got mine maybe 6-8 mths ago

    definitely not one for daily use, the latch is broken the front bit with the air vent fell off and so did the bit under that.... that said i still used it 6 days out of 7 as its a great helmet