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PleaseCBR250RRhelp ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CruiseOrLoose, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. hi all,

    if someone could be please help me.

    i have a cbr250rr and i am looking for a better sounding exhaust. I have checked out ebay and found these the link is below.

    could somebody please take just 1 min check these out and tell me what you think in regards to would they be easy to install ?? and is it worth the cash ??

    highly appreciated.


    even if someone would like to reccomend another exhaust that would be great !

  2. If the bolt holes line up then this is one of the easiest mods to do. Simply undo the 3 allen key bolts take off old muffler, then bolt the new muffler on. I bought a cheap ($150) muffler from eBay. I needed to modify the exhaust flange holes slightly to get it to fit, but if you've got a drill this is easy to do.
  3. I've heard a few stock CBR250RR's and mine had an aftermarket muffler (non-ebay). Mine was slightly louder.

    imo its not worth the cash.
  4. IMHO i really dont like the sound of the ebay ones. they sound a little like a stock one with a bashed out baffle. they are piss easy to install.

    Megaphat, the stock one is silent as. my bike is loud. my brothers is silent. hes got a stock pipe. dont know what you were smoking

    edit: megaphat maybe those bikes had their baffles installed. dont install the baffle and make it a straight pipe. if you put in the baffle, might as well not have bought a new exhaust.
  5. Previous owner put the pipe on and it was already loud enough, but it passed RWC so I assume it had all its baffles. I wouldn't recommend taking out the baffles as it can lean the engine out, and also reduces low end torque.
    Of course, if you know what you're doing and you get it jetted, its a non-event.

    I haven't actually listened to the ebay ones, but people on the CBR forums didn't seem to like them that much.

    I did find the stock exhausts to be quite loud, but it might have been an unmarked aftermarket pipe.
  6. Rwc is done by your mechanic. most dont give a crap about loud exhausts. only the Popo and the EPA and your annoyed neighbours who call the dob-in-a-hoon line.

    stock ones are not very loud, they have like 3 baffles and a funny loop which for the exhaust to travel through. (ive bashed one open). after you bash one open it gets really high pitched at low revs but lower at high revs, which is similar to the ebay ones, but i assume the one i heard had the baffle in.

    Ive had the stock pipe on my bike and i dont hear a single thing in my helmet, when i put on my straight pipe (i think its a megacycle) i can hear it in my helmet.

    i dont find it reduces low end torque as long as the bikes warmed up properley. if you run it cold then it will lose low end torque

    Megaphat attached is a photo of a stock pipe, is that what it looked like?

    Attached Files:

  7. Actually I've never seen one of those, the one I saw (which I thought was stock) looked different. The end piece between the outlet and the pipe sat flush. Seems like there aren't many stock exhausts left.
  8. The loudest cbr250rr I've heard or ridden was one with a stock exhaust, with the baffles drilled out. I'd probably keep it though and stick a cheap as possible ebay one on.
  9. *sigh* at all you deprived of loud CBR's

    prolly because they are crap and really quiet
  10. temp solution like has been suggested, just bash out the baffles in your current pipe. If that isn't enough to get you through restrictions or having that bike, then look at gettin another pipe.
  11. ummm..

    how do u bash out the baffles ?
  12. take off the pipe. from the engine side look into the pipe. should see a meshy thing down the middle. bash that through. then theres a solid wall with a hole down the bottom bash that through.

    last parts a series of tubes unless you have a long drill bit it snot really worth the trouble.

    ah found it zee guide i used... http://www.cbr250.com/cbr250/forum/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&TOPIC_ID=36038&SearchTerms=stock,baffled

    i found removing the 1st baffle pretty much useless. punching a hole in the baffles wont work you have to remove the whole thing. using a chissle and hammer isnt the best way. get a long drill bit, much much easier and quicker. remember to shake out all the metal filings otherwise u get this tingling noise in yoru exhaust