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Please think of others

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. This morning I received an email from the administrator of the local Illawarra Riders Association with a cautionary tale.

    It seems yesterday one of the group's riders was involved in an accident on the Macquarie Pass, but he was carrying no information as to his next of kin or person to be notified in case of an accident.

    He was conveyed to hospital and is recovering, with a broken collarbone and having suffered concussion, but the concerning thing was the inability of those who tended to him to contact anyone and notify about the accident.

    So please, as much as we don't like to think about crashing, and especially if you're in the habit of riding alone, DO carry your N-o-K details on you, for their sakes, and for your's.....
  2. ICE on your mobile is recognised as In Case of Emergency & they will dial that number! If your phone is crunched the sim card can usually be salvaged!
  3. ICE is a good start.

    There is no foolproof way, every scheme has drawbacks. Even if you had the next of kin tattooed on your body, they would have to collect all the bits to ensure they have full information.

  4. Or just carry a licence :p
  5. Won't always work. Neither my kids nor any of my girlfriends live at my address. If they did, I would be praying for the mercies of the road.
  6. great idea. haven't heard it before. thanks.

    i fail to see how this would help?!?!?!

    EDIT - oops - beat me to it nil_orally. thx
  7. Your phone number under ICE is a great idea to you


    you fail to see how having your name and address on you would help emergency svce's to contact your relatives :?: :? :roll:
  8. Everyone should carry their license on them regardless... it is law after all.
    A license helps identify who you are, but it may not assist people needing to contact your next of kin. A lot of people live alone, or with housemates who may not have any idea how to contact families.

    Put ICE in your phones people, and, if you can put more than one number under the heading, or have ICE1 and ICE2, do so.
  9. ICE on mobile, your licence in your wallet/purse and while your at it, why not register as an organ donor and you can put that card in your wallet right next to your licence ........
  10. from my name and address they can track down my home telephone number. the problem is, i won't be there 'cos i'll be in the ambulance with them!

    chances of my partner being home are minimal.

    i have a common surname, but only two people in the world related to me with the same surname - my parents, in sydney. i can't see the ambos tracking them down.

    i don't think my circumstances are ridiculously unusual.... therefore my licence is of limited use to them, though i do always carry it with me.
  11. I think the point that was being made about the license is that it contains no information about next of kin or contact people, just YOUR information.

    I understand the ICE idea, but if everyone carried his or her license, with a piece of paper or a card with it that said "in case of emergency, please call...." then that would be even more reliable...
  12. I'm going to get a set of dog tags or something similar with my details on them. This way you can have your blood type, etc available too.

    I have my ICE details in my phone as well.
  13. very diplomatically put paul. i'm clearly not in the mood for explaining myself nicely :wink: point well made.
  14. If your an organ donor in NSW it is stated on your licence.
  15. and how does this help emergency crews to contact you next of kin at an accident?
  16. I

    I carry my SO's business card. It's the only thing in my wallet not about me - I guess/hope they figgure to call that number :?

  17. I dont have a medical history, my family wont talk about family medical history, theres no real point contacting anyone who knows me/family in case of emergency. Sure call them if im dead but otherwise id rather not stress them.
  18. I have ICE numbers in my mobile as well as "Home". My wallet contains my licence and umpteen other forms of ID.

    So anyone who scrapes me off the road shouldn't have much difficulty contacting next of kin.

    And I've signed up to be an organ donor. If anyone can get anything of value out of whatever's left of my sorry carcass, they're welcome to it.
  19. police can look at his drivers licsense and see the address and send a car around on behalf of the hospital, it happens all the time.
  20. cripes.. too much ..WHAT IF on this one?