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please suggest 250cc cruiser for tall learner (190cm)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ckramer, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. I really like Yamaha virago 250, but it's too small for my height (190cm)

    Can anyone suggest another cruiser/upright bike for tall learner?

  2. Vtr250, gs500, er5
  3. I have a custom xvs650 in a garage I'm looking at selling, so if your interested email me on unoturko@hotmail.com for details.

  4. Thanks for suggestions, but XVS650 is not 250cc learner legal. as well as suggested gs500, er5
  5. Its on the Learners Approved Moto list (LAMS), so if your in NSW you have every right to go for either of those bikes. Go check out the list in one tab and open bikesales in another so you can see all your options. ;)
  6. Is XVS650 different by seat-to-pedal length from Virago?
    Is XVS650 different in that regard from XVS250 ?

    Anyone 190cm tall? What are you riding?
  7. As much as it will probably get me kicked by Loz next time I see him, I have to say that the Hyosung GV250 is a prety good size for the taller and more robust gentleman
    But before chosing Hyo have a read around, people have conflicting views on there build quality.
  8. Almost, I am 186cm.

    I tried a few 250ccs but i felt too cramped on them.

    I got a Hyosung 650 Comet. Heaps more room but at the cost of weight.

    Get a LAMS legal 650 just not the Hyo (too many issues).
  9. I'm 197cm and ride a Suzuki VL250 Intruder very comfortably.
  10. There is really something wrong about calling a motorbike an Intruder (Or an eliminator for that matter)
  11. Especially when the guy riding it is almost 2 metres tall :LOL:
  12. At least it's not a penetrator :shock:
  13. Would the VTR250 seriously be good for a tall rider?
  14. when i was looking for 250's was thinking about 250 cruiseres. im about 197-200ish talll. the Suzuki VL250 was plenty big enough for me. An i think they look better than the rest of em.
  15. A dual sport, you got plenty of time before you're old enough for a Cruiser :wink:
  16. Not sure of my height in cms, Im 6"2 or 6"3 long legged and shes perfect for my size with stock the foot peg positions. There are after market extender foot pegs which extend the pedal, brake and clutch length by 4 inches. made by Kuryakyn if I recall correctly.

    Unlike the baby v twin, The 650 has the full size chassis, its the same chassis as the 1100 and possibly the 1300. The bike is longer, heavier and slightly wider than the 250cc model.

    And puts out more than enough power for any half responsible person especially with the Air Kit. :)
  17. Based on your signature I guess you went with XVS650.

    Could you share your impressions so far? I'm facing at the moment the same dilemma - I'm 190 and need a learners bike.

  18. xvs650!!

    if you're looking for a nice cruiser, xvs650 is good, I am 181cm and I have no problems, in fact just so happens I am selling one!! :)
    it is listed on bikepoint, have a look if you like, they are a nice cruising bike, you dont feel tired on them becuase of the position and comfort, smaller ones (I have been told) are not as comfy. See what you think amd good luck with your choice...