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Please read: Pretty sad to think that people are capable of

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lunatic_luke, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Recieved in an email :shock:

  2. urban myth
  3. I was sent the same email last year :? I wonder if this is something sent out just to raise awareness?

    If it is true, then yes, we do live with some saaaaad people!
  4. From www.redcross.org.au:

  5. That particular story is a myth.

    What isn't a myth is discarded needles being found in public transport.

    Needle disposal kits are available from various transport industry suppliers and we have a couple here.

    I am aware of a number of cases where the kits have been needed to dispose of syringes found by bus cleaners across the Melbourne area.

    We have found only one in our fleet (and it was the impetus for us getting a couple of disposal kits) and haven't found one since.
  6. reminds me when my bro's car got stolen, theif drove to from vic to nsw,yass, got caught, went to pick it up... got offer a free ford falcon by the cops up there... got it home an found a discarded needle on the driver seat.

    not good !
  7. I found a discarded needle in the sand at a beach near Mascot.

    Was a leader of the church youth group at that time and we were there for an outing :shock:

    "Alright everyone put your shoes back on NOW."
  8. :LOL: .... :eek: .... :shock: :LOL: :rofl:
  9. Blood needs oxygen. Blood in a needle becomes dead stain after a while, maybe a couple of hours.. Viruses can not live out of a host (body).

    If you get "a needle" or have sex with no protection (****) and you know you were infected, you go to the hospital the same day, they give you drugs to kill the virus, you feel sick for days, but you are safe..

    If you get infected with aids, it can take 1 to 3 months for the virus to be detectable..
  10. Incorrect

    A virus is not alive persay. It is merly a set of chemicals that are organised into RNA strands. They can survive forever in the right medium and oxygen has nothing to do with it.

    However some virus coatings (protien coat) are very fragile, so they can be destroyed by other chemicals or light (UV) or if they are maintained outside their prefered medium.
  11. I read, not so very long ago and in what I seem to remember was a reliable source, that there were, as yet, no confirmed cases of HIV resulting from accidental needle-stick injuries. Presumably due to the short viability of the virus outside a host (minutes only if I remember rightly).

    Hype aside, Hepatitis is a vastly more likely result. Far more infectious, much more robust, much more common (in the 1st World) and, in many cases, just as lethal.

    Not much comfort, but still....
  12. It really depends upon the definition one uses (and that definition is unlikely to be agreed upon by everybody in our lifetime) :wink:
  13. I recall seeing something that stated 24 hours outside the host, the virus is dead.
  14. Check with Snopes before posting this nonsense. They are probably the definitive urban-legends pages on the web.
  15. Be a good sport Propilot and open our eyes.. :shock: i have no phd in bio and you seem to have one. So what is it? How long can flu or aids be outside a body and still hold its infectious capabilities? skip the definitions, just practically speaking :p cheeeeeeeeers for searching the answer for us.. :wink: