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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dr650, May 27, 2005.

  1. Well i purchased a klx 650 r 98 model last week from a dealership here in sydney.%000 km's on the clock.Last night had trouble ..bike kicked over ok but whenever i gave it gas it died.This had happened a few times.anyway switched of and thought look into it this weekend.This morning the bike when in gear will not move..when switched of.The bike kicks over still ..but wont go...when of and in gear will not roll !!!Any ideas???/ seize or perhaps clutch? any advice appreciated.Bike apparently not covered in any way as it is 97 model even though purchased by dealership..

  2. err, bike is covered by dealership for 3 months.

    Any vehicle sold from a dealership is covered for 3 months. it's the law in NSW.

    My spada's big end dropped out a month into my having it. Dealer had to replace the engine at their cost.
  3. They claim that " second hand motorcycles more than 5 years old or having travelled more than 30000 km's no warranty.It actually says this on form 3 of the motor dealers act that came with ther bike...??
  4. Really stupid question
    Have you checked the fuel?
    fuel co.cks etc?
  5. If you are in Vic, and you didn't pay extra for a warranty, you're on your own.

    Whats, that, a big single? I'm not suprised it doesn't move when in gear and turned off... especially if its in first gear.

    It's not seized if you can kick it over.

    Can you roll it when its in gear if you pull the clutch in? then its OK (or at least that's not whats stopping it from starting).

    Have you been riding it or was this the first time you'd tried to start it?

    Sounds like a fuelling problem to me, but I've never seen a klx 650 r that I know of.

    If it was sitting in the dealers for a while, I'd suspect a bit of gunk has broken away and blocked the main jet. That would make it die in the arse when you give it some throttle. If another bit has now lodged in the pilot jet, it would probably stop it starting. Can't hurt to give the carby a clean. Hell, it's seven years old.. .give it a really good clean out with carby cleaner and put a gasket/O-ring kit in it.
  6. all switches checked...plenty of fuel side stand ok
  7. Soon as i got the bike i changed the oil cleaned the air filter/pulled the carbie cleaned removed main,pilot needle etc cleaned and replaced.Even though bike is 7 years old it has only 5000 km's on it.It has barey a scratch on it Pic Here
    as for the other question it will not roll when in gear with clutch in when not running.
  8. ok. i am hardly knowledgable on bike mechanics, but i'll throw in my two cents anyway. hey it might even help!
    if the bike isn't rolling when runnng, ingear and the clutch pulled in, the first thing i would suggest is that the clutch may not be disengaging completely. that would mean that the bike would be prone to stalling though as it'd be like having the clutch out while in gear and not moving or giving it any throttle. the solution to this problem would be to adjust the throttle cable so it's shorter, thus disengaging the clutch more(if that makes sense) i have no idea about the seizing side of things. could be a possibility.

    when you give it gas after it's running and it stalls, it might be that youre running too rich or something and flooding the engine? my bike quite often needs me to go easy on the gas for a while when its cold or else it hesitates and sometimes stalls. with the cold weather in sydney lately it's worse. otherwise, maybe pull the carbies apart again and put them back together? sometimes it helps!

    i will reiterate my lack of mechanical knowledge and the fact that you seem to be doing ok and you probably know more than i do! hope all works out and you get out on the road again soon!
  9. ok, i'm also no mechanic, but the following crap has happened to me with similar symptoms to yours:

    - check clutch cable is actually working (follow to engine, should see it pulling etc. This may explain why you can't move it even with clutch in, either that or the clutch has seized.
    - Check spark plug leads. Not contacting properly or vibrating loose
    - check that sidestand is up before you put it in gear

    apart from that i'm stumpted...
  10. The clutch cable thing can be a problem.

    Many many years ago, I met a guy who had a Vespa 150. Asked him why he didn't ride it. He said the gearbox was cactus and offered it to me for $20. I accepted, because I knew where I could get a gearbox cheap. When I got the scooter home I found the clutch cable had slipped out of the socket on the lever. I still sometimes feel a little guilty.......
  11. As moike said, a big single is hard to roll when in gear because of the compression. Take out the sparkplug and then try rolling it while it is in gear. Regardless of the position of the clutch it should now roll freely.

    If (in gear, clutch pulled in) it rolls freely with the plug out, but locks up with the plug in then the clutch isn't disengaging. Check cable free play and clutch preload adjustment

    If (in gear, clutch pulled in) it locks up regardless of whether the plug is in or out then it isn't the clutch, but something else in the drivetrain. You've said you can turn the motor over with the kickstarter, so it isn't the motor that's seized. That leaves the gearbox.

    I don't think its relevant in your case, but, for the sake of completeness if (plug out, bike in gear) it rolls with the clutch in but locks with the clutch out, it is probably a seized engine.

    I think your clutch problem will prove to be independent of the starting problem - did it become hard to start before or after you stripped the carbie?
  12. Thank's again for your replies all are appreciated.I have taken the bike to the shop...Hopefully they will sort the problem.Will post results when i get them...Funny isnt it bought from a dealer ..low km's thought the safe option they test etc b4 they sell...next time private sale cheaper and get independant person to look at prospective bike and test ride the damm thing!!!
  13. Any half decent bike shop will provide at least one weeks good will on purchases regardless of the warranty situation and should do the best to sort out the problem for you. If they fix the bike when they are under no real obligation to do so, they have a good chance of repeat custom, refusing outright, means no business from you or any of your mates that you care to speak to.
    Good luck, I'm sure the shop will fix the problem, if not, perhaps a letter to Kawasaki directly and the same letter copied to the shop.