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VIC Please keep writing letters to Transport Minister Terry Mulder

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Maurice Blackburn, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Since Maurice Blackburn and the Australian Riders' Division letter was sent to the Transport Minister we've had an ever so slightly "on-message" allusion to SMIDSY from the TAC as well as today's first actual namecheck of the "SMIDSY" phenomena in the press (all be it for cyclists http://www.theage.com.au/executive-style/fitness/blogs/on-your-bike/why-are-cyclists-so-angry-20120222-1tmzr.html).

    This together with Operation Halo and the Road User or Abuser initiative (both in their own special way) has created an amenable climate to effect real change.

    While the Minister and his department review the letter, their options and the extent to which they want to engage with motorcyclists an ongoing stream of letters from concerned riders would be rather advantageous.

    With that in mind I've copied and pasted Chef's note on how you can get involved.



    *a CALL TO ARMS*

    Write your emails to the Minister Mulder stating that you have read the letter sent by MB regarding this very important issue and you wish for them to give it the attention it deserves.

    BE POLITE. Stay on topic. Stay on point. Use their correct titles because it makes them feel important. Use the MB letter as a shining example of diplomacy, but write it in your own words.

    I ask one more favour of you, well two actually...

    Please post up a copy of your letter as it encourages others to participate. You wont be judged or taken to task so be confident.

    The other thing is, if you have access to other forums or social outlets please SHARE and encourage others to do the same. The more of us that get behind this the better it works.

    Here are the contact details:

    The Hon Terry Mulder MP - Minister for Public Transport and Minister for Roads

    Peter Greenwood (his Chief of Staff)

    03 9095 4330

    Please be sure to use the appropriate titles. Please feel free to call them after you have sent your email to ensure they have received it and reiterate your concern for the matter to be given their full attention.

    Have fun now
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  2. We're beginning to see results folks and it's because of riders involvement and taking action.

    To give you an idea we've seen a positive article from the RACV
    A change of tune from the TAC
    The term SMIDSY entering mainstream media
    ..and the Minister for Transport currently weighing his options.

    Writing about your concerns on a motorcycling forum is one thing, but to have a real effect it's imperative to take the next step and communicate your concerns to the relevant people who can do something about it.

    The bulk of motorcycling fatalities in Victoria this year have a direct correlation to SMIDSY. By taking action you're investing in the safety of yourself as well as your motorcycling brothers and sisters. Yes it is that important. Please assist us in getting the message across.
  3. What are the additional email addy's we should be cc-ing? Would be good to have the list in one place.

    I'd also recommend the parliamentary road safety inquiry members too... let me see if I can get their addy's.
  4. Hi all;

    to make it easy for us all here is a line that you can copy to ensure that you send your email to all the relevant politicians without having to look them up as individuals. Just copy the lines below and then paste into you to section of your email.

    The list is-

    Ted Baillieu - Premier
    Peter Ryan Deputy - Premier and Police Minister
    Robert Clark - Attorney General
    Terry Mulder - Roads and Public transport Minister
    Daniel Andrews - Leader of the opposition
    James Merlino - Deputy Leader of the opposition
    Martin Pakula - Shadow Attorney General
    Luke Donnellan - Shadow Minister for Roads
    Jacinta Allan - Shadow Minister for Police

    To email all of them copy the lines below and paste into the to section of your email -

    ted.baillieu@parliament.vic.gov.au; peter.ryan@parliament.vic.gov.au; robert.clark@parliament.vic.gov.au; terence.mulder@parliament.vic.gov.au; daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au; ames.merlino@parliament.vic.gov.au; martin.pakula@parliament.vic.gov.au; luke.donnellan@parliament.vic.gov.au; acinta.allan@parliament.vic.gov.au

    I am sure that there may be some more that are worth emailing but this list should be a good start on both sides.

    Remember that putting your concerns across about your and all road users safety is the most powerful message.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  5. Just to add to the list....

    another option is to write to your local MP as well asking him/her to lobby the Minister to support the MB proposition.

    The Minister is still aware of growing numbers and your local MP becomes aware too. According to Dr Brendan Nelson this is a good way to raise awareness of issues within the government/Opposition. Probably not as sexy as a high speed nude protest ride but apparently this is what pollies really listen to and are influenced by.
  6. Excellent work Jem thankyou.