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Please humour me, men and there bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chickibabe, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Ok, I just don't get men and there bikes. I love him dearly but I am buggered :? if I can follow my other half :LOL: :LOL:.

    Well what I'm asking is : Why do you need more than 1 bike.

    He has 3 bikes at the moment. In his collection he has

    89 GSXR750 Slingshot (Black betty we call this one)
    92 GSXR750 Beautiful bike Fully customised
    And now a
    1988 GSXR 1100 Project starting (oh god help me :LOL: )

    Are all men the same? I just don't understand why you need more than 1 bike. Please explain !!!!!

    As I am happy with my one bike :grin:

    Cheers Lou

    (this is light heart humour please)
  2. He is just a hoarder :p

    If I had my way, I'd have about 4 bikes.
    Its the cost of rego/insurance for each of them that stops me, not the initial price of buying the bike(s)
    I can't even justify paying my car rego, cos I do less than 2000ks a year in it now.
  3. Well, I don't get folk who use 'there' instead of 'their' :p

    Why do some cultures allow more than one wife (and in rare cases husband)?

    Cos they can!!!

    I only have one bike, BTW - can't afford any more!

    Sounds like he has one for nearly every occasion - but they're all GSXRs :?:

    I notice you have two bikes in your profile :wink:
  4. They're all different. He needs them. :cool:
  5. Your seeing things :wink:

    GSXR mad I'm sure.
    A hoarder I'm sure of that one
    And he need them!!!! Like I need a headache :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Try awakening him from his addiction and buy him a kwaka for x-mas and he will surely sell all those suzukis :grin:
  7. :-w :-w :-w
    stop being so hard on the poor bloke :p
    :-w :-w :-w
  8. Can only sympathise with you, sorry Chickbabe.

    We have culled our bikes down to 2 roadies and 5 dirt (got to 9 dirt at one stage, not counting basket cases :? )

    I hate to tell you, but I don't think there is a cure :wink:
  9. what's wrong with that?
    one bike for each day of the week would be good.
    I can't afford a different bike for each day and I'm on restrictions.
    The next best thing for me was helmets. Had 7, down to 6 due to crash.
    And 3 more jackets would be good probably more boots and pants too. maybe more gloves too
  10. a guys 3 bikes against a girls 40 pairs of shoes... mmm
    the older a guy gets the bigger and more epensive his toys get :)
  11. its pretty much the same theory.

    a girl loooking at a pair of shoes and goin 'i want them to be my one hundread and 5th pair'

    or a guy looking at a power tool going' i have no idea what it does or if ill ever use it, but i want one neway'

    i bet we take less time in deciding what bike we want than women who deciding waht clothes they want to wear that day.

    unless shes a really cool chick who decides leathers are the way to go everytime.
  12. They're all different...

    Can you name anything better to spend money on?
  13. I wonder if his bikes get jealous?
    'he just likes the 1100 cos it's got bigger headlights....'
    'yeah, well that's gunna make the suspension sag....'
  14. Im not sure I understand the question, do you mean to ask "Should he get more bikes ?" or do you mean "Do we need to start parking them in the lounge room ?".

    Well the answer is yes. :grin:

    Just be glad that he only has one woman that he loves :wink: This is a man with his priorities in the right place.
  15. We're all different, some of us like a bike that can make us feel every which way, some of us would rather just have that one dream bike :)
  16. Agree, Women collect handbags, shoes and anything cute or kitchy that gathers dust.

    Murpheys law: Any horizontal surface will accumulate crap. That would apply to women in the house and guys in the garage.

    Why do guys collect motorcycles ? ... imagine they are a lot like womens days of the week undies.

  17. Ooh, you moved on that quick! Must've sold it in record time :wink: :wink: :)
  18. it's just a bloke thing... if you can't decide which one you want, you just get them all... in 3 years i've gone through 8 cars, and I still have 2, and bikes will probably only last me a year at the most I'm thinking.
  19. 3 Bikes I understand.
    2 GSXR 750s (Even diferent years) I have trouble with?
    Getting a 600, a 750, a 1k and a busa would make sence to me...
    Oh that is 4... Maybe you should get a bigger garage...
  20. I see no problem with it. Just like women's shoes you need one for every ocassion.

    Once l'm off the restrictions l'm going to keep the 250 for the twisties and short trips and because of a dodgy knee will probably get a cruiser for long trips.

    Add to that a dirt bike for the weekends and l could easily have three bikes.