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Please help :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by loth, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Hi there!

    Well as you can see I'm kinda new to the forums, just registered and all, although I have been trolling your forums for quite some time now. A very good source of information on them bikes :]

    Well... I just got my learner's. Wait that's lieing, in fact I'm going to do the computer test tomorrow but it should be easy.

    I really really want a ZZR 250 or GPX 250 (I will not ask which is better, enough threads about that around !). CBR250RRRRRRRRR are just too overpriced nowadays, especially during the summer!

    Here comes the newb question. I asked a few friends how much it would cost me to bring a second hand bike to the mech's for a check up, and they said it would be quite costly. Any rough idea how much? Also, I read that there are a few guys around here who know a lot about bikes and sometimes help (of course not free of cost) fellow riders when comes inspection time. Can anyone confirm or deny this? It would be pointless asking for names right now, I guess I must first know where the 'inspection' is taking place (which suburb etc). By the way, I'm in Sydney :]

    Anyone taking the time to reply to this post, thank you!
  2. Ah and also, I was wondering what you thought about this :

    Kawasaki ZZR 250
    10 years old.
    Kilometres : 30000
    Paint job due to it having a combination of pink/red colour (although a paint job might hide some nasty things... am I right/wrong?)
    Of course the mandatory "Excellent mech condition" etc etc :]
    Asking price : $2500

    Any thoughts on this?
  3. loth,

    Update your profile would be a good start --> which state you are from?

    Why not you do the other way around.. pay the mechanic to come and do the pre-purchase inspection... I am sure getting a bike tow to your mechanic would be a lot more expensive. There are businesses who do pre-purchase inspection as far as I am aware of.

    Some technical minded and experience riders might be able to help you out depending on the location, time and offers.. some might do it for free.. :LOL:
  4. The bike *sounds* good but I can't stress highly enough the benefits of getting a pre-purchase inspection. RACV do them among others if you're in Victoria.

    Also, I'd think twice about buying a bike without road-worthy cert. I reckon that's just asking for trouble if you can't do any work yourself. Could end up costing an arm and a leg if a mech decided to take you to the cleaners.

    On the upside, ZZR is a fantastic learners bike. Great choice. Dont forget too there's plenty of ZZRs around so take your time.
  5. Jeeeez not awake yet people, or do we see only what we want to see.

    Oh luck on the pc test. Son2 had to redo his yday because he let his learners lapse & didnt book for his P test in time. Watch those sign & instant fail questions if you get it wrong. He landed 1 & got an instant fail for getting the answer wrong on a sign he or I for that matter havnt seen before.
  6. hmm, my 2001 zzr250 cost me only $4k and i know a guy who paid on $3k for his 97zzr so maybe its an ok price, but shop around, as tempting as it is and wanting to just get out there and ride!!
  7. Oops, updated sorry ! (The profile that is).

    Good advice, good advice. Indeed, I'm taking my time on the purchase. No need to rush. Sadly, I'm on a very limited budget. $3000 max on a bike and I thought the ZZR or GPX would do the trick for me :]

    So the bike is not *that* great of a deal? I thought $2500 would be kinda 'cheap' for that kind of mileage, age (assuming excellent mech condition of course). Maybe I've browsed the CBRrrrrs too much and prices in my head are inflated at the moment!
  8. Yep I'm planning on doing the online test over and over and over to make sure I've seen most of the questions beforehand! And thanks mate!
  9. depending on the visual and mechanical check $2500 (as a starting price) is not a bad price, if i read the post right though you said it has been repainted. that may also mean frame damage, so make sure you have someone who knows check the bike over for you.
    As a reference point i paid 5800 for a 2002 zzr250 with 4000KM on the clock and had never been ridden in the rain, at the same time a friend paid 4000 for a '92 with 18000KM and a few scatches for a zzr250 as well.
    Check the forums for hints on what to look for as physical indicators, there have been many threads. Good luck on your hunting.
  10. LOL another thing to watch out for. That online test you can practice on. It doesnt give you the instant fail, if you happen to get an instant fail question wrong. It will actaully pass you. But when it comes time to sitting down in front of pc @ the RTA & you happen to get 1 of those questions wrong. It fails you & ends the test right there & then. Stop go to jail, go directly to jail. You do not get learners :LOL:

    And another thing, pls dont call me "mate" You dont have "mate" status yet :p
  11. It is kind of similar to the car test right? I already went through that, so it *should* be ok. Well I hope so! And yeah I do not really want to spend more money on tests than needed!

    "And another thing, pls dont call me "mate" You dont have "mate" status yet"
    Hem... touché :shock:
  12. It is quite cheap compared to any dealer (my 02 18000kms cost 5000 from action). I'd say get it inspected and if its all good, buy it. Although if he is asking 2500, that means it wouldn't take much to budge him at least 100, maybe 200 if you rock up being able to buy it right then.

    G'luck I love my zzr :)
  13. You can actually download all the questions (and all the corresponding answers) as a PDF file from the RTA website.

    Once you have read through all these you will be prepared for any question they throw you as you've seen them all before!

    I found this a great help and because the questions were the same, the test only took less than 10 minutes to complete!

    Here is the link if it helps: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/motorcycle-r.pdf

  14. Thanks a lot for all the replies, really helpful !
  15. Oh btw, anyone able to tell me if there's someone who could help test the bike at this address :

    Gwandalam Road Edensor Park?